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History of Kanye’s adidas References

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via USAToday
Since the early 2000’s Kanye West has been a cultural influencer with his music, fashion, and opinions. He was most recently named in the Top 100 Most Influential People by TIME Magazine. Kanye has always been a sneaker-head and brands began to notice his influence on consumers. The practice of sportswear brands aligning themselves with entertainment artists is nothing new, and can be traced back to adidas’ deal with Run DMC almost 30 years ago. That partnership allowed adidas to tap into the growing Hip-Hop culture of the time and still continues today. As we celebrate Kanye’s 39th birthday, we look back to when Ye broke into the hip-hop industry and to what he has become now. One thing that has remained constant is his references to the 3 stripe brand lyrically and in interviews.