Chris Elliott

The Best Multicolor Nike Kicks


Over the last couple of years Nike has introduced sneakerheads to a flurry of colors that make their sneakers pop. The Multicolor craze started back in 2013 and it hasn’t slowed down. What started on the Nike Flyknit Trainer and Flyknit Racer has since branched out to a wide range of models. Since the original release, the colorful flyknit has been added to classic Nike models and new innovative basketball sneakers like the Kobe and KD line. With the release of the Nike Flyknit Racer “Multicolor V.3” coming up, we thought we would highlight Nike’s best sneakers that feature the Multicolor look.

10. Men’s and Women’s Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 (2014)

The Multicolor craze was nothing new to the sneaker world by 2014, so the general release of the newest Free Flyknit 4.0 had people eager for the release date. You would have thought they were limited by the way they flew off shelves.

multicolor 4.0 womenImage Via: Finishline

mulitcolor 4.0 menImage Via: Sneakernews