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Soraya YD On Her Pursuit Of Style


When it comes to fashion, Soraya Yd has created her own style and made a career out of it. The life of a model and TV host is one that requires you to have a personality that stands out from everyone else. Growing up in Astoria, Queens, her surroundings helped shape who she’s become and had an influence on what she likes. With fashion being such a big part of her life, her own style is very important to her and how she expresses herself. Mixing athleisure pieces with a blazer is one of her go-to looks that brings Soraya an upscale style but still relaxed. Breaking away from the norm and trying new looks is easy to do with an energetic personality like hers.

Soraya 1

Soraya’s signature style is that she doesn’t have a signature look—she’s so diverse. When she gets up in the morning her outfit is a reflection of how she feels. You can always tell how she’s feeling based on her outfit. She can’t fake a look if she isn’t feeling it because she sticks to what is genuine to her vibe. From high-end to casual, there isn’t a look that she can’t put together and leave people with outfit inspirations. She never portrays herself to be something that she isn’t. Her look is unique and her confidence portrays a genuine look that she loves.

soraya 2

If you want to see more of Soraya’s work then make sure you’re following her on Instagram at @sorayayd and on Twitter at @SorayaYd.