Chris Elliott

Julio Jones is Tight For Tomorrow


What does it take to be the best at what you do? Determination, commitment and a work ethic that can’t be matched are the key factors. Most people don’t realize or have the mindset that what you do right now is preparing you for tomorrow. Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons realizes that every moment is an opportunity to shape his legacy. He is building it on the field with his preparation off the field. From the gym to the streets he is always ready for what tomorrow will bring him. In fact, he’s dictating what tomorrow will bring.


He starts his days early with a workout on the field and the weight room. He needs a shoe that can handle his intensity and propel him forward. Julio knows that every moment during the day counts and makes the most out of every second. Being regarded as the top Wide Receiver in the NFL didn’t come easy to him. His self-motivation pushes him to be great and make his mother proud.


Right now, we live in a world that is driven by social media and people can talk about everything, but those are just words. Julio motivates himself with an “actions not words” mentality. Just because you say it doesn’t mean that you’re doing it. He lets his ruthless drive ensure that everyone knows he trains harder than the next guy. The talent you have will only take you so far but the extra work you put in will separate you from the competition. When Julio isn’t in the gym or training on the field he stays comfortable with some help from UA.

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