Leaving A Positive Mark On The World: Madison Beer and adidas Deliver The #EPICFINISH


As an up and coming recording artist in L.A., Madison Beer has already begun to create a voice for herself. Sure, fashion trends help elevate an image, but it’s Madison’s outlook on life that takes her style to the next level. The focus this young recording artist has is admirable and pure inspiration. Working with some of the best in the biz, you can say that she has “the world” at her fingertips, but the mindset of this teenager is already above and beyond. She’s true to herself when it comes to her music, honest about her lifestyle and passionate about the positive mark she wants to leave on the world. 

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Style should always be an individual pursuit and Madison embraces that mindset with open arms. There’s no doubt she has many wonderful influences in her life, but she really takes positivity and appreciation to a whole other level so it reaches her fans. Every day is a new opportunity for Madison to rise to the occasion and by believing in herself and her own style, she leads by example.

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Madison truly believes in all of the opportunities in her life. For music, it’s an escape. Happy or sad she wants to express what she’s feeling so her fans can relate or understand the process she’s going through. For style, Madison is all about being comfy when going to work in the studio or wearing sneaks to events, but she always leaves her “Madison stamp” with whatever she chooses to show off. Even in a pair of adidas leggings and Pure Boost X Running Shoes, Madison is comfortable in her own skin and is ready to tackle whatever comes her way.

“The world made one you for a reason, you should embrace that and be who you are, always.”