Chris Elliott

Nike Air Force 1 Low


“GIVE ME TWO PAIRS!” is what may come to mind when you think of the Nike Air Force 1, but there is much more to the shoe than the popular song states. The history behind the AF1 has to be some of the richest in sneaker history. Most people don’t know, but the Air Force 1 inspired the legendary Tinker Hatfield to get into designing sneakers. Where would we be today if he stuck with being an architect? Think of all the iconic sneakers that Tinker has cooked up and the impact they have had over the years.

The simplicity of this old school sneaker makes it a timeless classic. A fresh pair will do wonders for any outfit, whether a sport casual look or suit and tie getup for a fancier occasion. A crisp new pair with jeans and a hoody has become a popular choice that can work for everyone.

The Air Force 1 may have been the first Nike Basketball sneaker, but since then, they have become one of the biggest casual looks in the game. With so many colorways coming out over the years it is hard to pick a favorite. You may love other styles for your signature look but like Nelly said “Can’t nothin’ compare to a fresh crispy white pair”. So, no matter what your go-to is or the occasion, pull out a fresh pair of white on white Air Forces and have everyone peepin’ your flair.

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