Chris Elliott

G-Eazy Talks About His New Album, Sneaker Rotation, and Musical Influences


We got the chance to talk with G-Eazy (@g_eazy) and chop it up about sneakers, his musical influence and his new album. We had to find out what kicks would make the tour rotation, and the sneakers are just as hot as his new alblum. We also got to find out how he motivated himself with the talented people around him on his journey to stardom. Check out our interview and get some inside scoop to his new album and find out who has had the biggest influence on his career. His new album “When It’s Dark Out” drops December 4th on iTunes. Make sure you grab that and set that AUX cord on fire.

You have five adidas shoes you can take with you on the road, what pairs are you taking with you and why?

G-Eazy: “Yeezy 750s, Ultra Boosts, Stan Smiths, low Superstars, mid Superstars”

How did your degree in music studies help prepare you for your career? Do you feel more artists could benefit from formalized music education?

G-Eazy: “The biggest factor for me was being in a community of other kids my age with similar goals in music… I’d say I gained the most from some of those conversations, and I worked with a lot of talented people I met there, and you always learn the most by doing things and being hands on.”

Can you break down the album? What tracks should people look out for and who do you have on the production side?

G-Eazy: “The albums really honest and personal. It’s aggressive at times, but also gets very introspective and dark. There’s records like “Sad Boy” and “Everything Will Be Ok” that channel some of my demons and things I’m most afraid of… But the overall concept is about overcoming that and living life to the fullest. Two of my favorites are the last two tracks on the album, called “For This” featuring iamnobodi and “Nothing To Me” featuring Keyshia Cole and E-40″.

What’s the toughest part about completing an album that most fans don’t see?

G-Eazy: “Knowing when to say it’s finished, because truth be told, it never really is… you could keep tinkering with it forever but at some point you have to walk away and give it to the world as is.”

Who has had the greatest influence on your career, personally and musically?

G-Eazy: “My mom. She’s been in my corner from the jump, she’s always supported the dream and done what she could to help me. Musically speaking, I’d say Kanye… He broke so many barriers and made it ok to be different, he also bridged the gap between so many different genres of music, different eras and different cultures, he’s definitely a pioneer.”

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