Girl’s Jordan Retro 7 “Lola Bunny”


In the past, sneaker brands didn’t always show too much love for girls. It used to be if you wanted to get a pair of Jordans, then you had to find it in a kid’s size. This has changed over the years, and brands have started to take notice to female sneakerheads.

Now not only do a lot of releases come in extended girls sizes (up to a women’s size 11), but some colorways are exclusive for the ladies. I know this is a big deal to female sneakerheads and sometimes leaves us dudes wishing they came in our sizes — although the extended women’s sizes do go up to a men’s size 9.5.

This upcoming release of an all new Air Jordan 7 comes in a colorway that’s been dubbed the “Lola Bunny” because of its apparent inspiration from the Looney Tunes character, Lola. Lola was Bugs Bunny’s counterpart on the show and in Space Jam the movie. If you haven’t seen Space Jam, stop what you’re doing now, and go watch it. Your inner child will thank you.

Get the Women’s Air Jordan 7 retro on April 18th at 10AM EST at

Photos: @ludlowphotopro