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Not Just for the Gym: adidas Superstars & Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility

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In this edition of Not Just for the Gym, I shed some light on running versus training pieces, as well as lived-in versus fresh sneakers. Keep reading for some outfit ideas for your adidas Superstars and your workout gear!


[ Bottom: Nike Dri-FIT Epic Run Lux Printed Running Tights Shoe: Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility ]

Something that is often overlooked is the difference between training and running pieces. I don’t mind as much for apparel, but there is a significant difference in footwear. Running shoes are built for stability and linear movement, whereas trainers (like the Flyknit Zoom Agility) are more equipped for lateral and dynamic movement and are lower to the ground. For this Muay Thai workout, I wore running tights with my Zoom Agility trainers.


[ Shoe: adidas Superstar Casual Shoes ]

There are some sneakers that I prefer to have lived-in look on, while others look best brand new. For example, I like my Stan Smiths a bit worn-in (not to be mistaken with dirty or beat up), but I like my Superstars super clean. I finally got a new pair for my rotation, and they have officially become my everyday neutral sneaker. I’m wearing them with a long tee and jersey trousers for a very comfy look (surprise, surprise).


[ Bottom: Nike Club Leggings Shoe: Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility ]

As I’ve mentioned before, some sneakers transition better into casual wear than others, but it’s not impossible. The Flyknit Zoom Agility certainly looks like a training shoe, but I find that it works well with most pieces. Since I chose to wear tights, I opted for a button-up shirt and a varsity jacket for a laid back, yet bold, look.


[ Shoe: adidas Superstar Casual Shoes ]

Spring hasn’t quite sprung where I’m at, but I will carry on with my pastel pink jeans and spring attire and pretend like I’m not cold and it’s not gloomy and rainy outside. Although this look is a bit more girly than I’m used to, the Superstar and the button-up break it down to a more balanced outfit that’s comfortable but still cool.

Photos: Philip Aglipay