Nike Sunglasses “Will Always Look Fly”


Shades are important. You wear them everyday, the kind you choose says a lot about you, and they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Here’s what FitWithMeShelby, Urban Street Runners, and YoAnty are saying about the latest Nike sunglasses releases.


Shelby Elmore of FitWithMeShelby

Instagram: @FitWithMeShelby
Twitter: @FitWithMeShelby

“The most dated complementing opposites I can think of are fire and ice. It’s a classic that seems to never get old, and these Nike Cruisers are just like that, a traditional Blues Brothers style frame in a cool icy fade from Matte Black to Turbo green with perfectly contrary lenses transitioning from warm to cool colors. Yeah, these shades are on fire!” – Shelby Elmore

Joe Spell of Urban Street Runners

Instagram: @JSpell4/@UrbanStreetRunners

“I’m not one to wear sunglasses, and when I do I’m very picky about them. The Nike Skylon Ace XV meet my standards for shades. They’re comfortable on the nose, don’t move around too much when I’m active, and they don’t look too flashy. As far as shades go, these are pretty dope and will be used frequently.” – Joe Spell

Aaron Fiallos of Urban Street Runners

Instagram: @AaronFiallos/@UrbanStreetRunners
Twitter: @AaronFiallos

“Personally, I don’t like wearing glasses when I run because they move around. When I tried on the Nike Skylon Ace XV, I knew they would “glue” to my face. Not only do I wear them when I’m on a run, but I like how they fit on my face soo much. I wear them on a regular basis.” – Aaron Fiallos  

Anthony Bartolini of YoAnty

Instagram: @YoAnty
Twitter: @YoAnty1
YouTube: YoAnty & YoAntyKicks

“The Nike Cruiser sunglasses are lightweight with a sleek design. No one will miss you with the pop from the mirrored lenses. I can rock these at the beach or in the city, and they will always look fly.” – Anthony Barolini

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