Exclusive adidas Springblade Ignites are Here


When the adidas Springblades first came out, first-tryers were amazed at their distinct aesthetics, how they delivered during training sessions, and especially how the blades looked different from everything else out there. Well, there’s a new set of blades in town, the adidas Springblade Ignites. They bring forth elements from the first adidas Springblades, but have an updated look — with the blades being primarily focused on the heel of the shoes. We sent them out to a few of our friends so they could show us what they saw in them. Here’s what they came back with.

Foamer Simpson


Vince Sirico at Modern Notoriety
Twitter: @VinceSirico/@ModernNotoriety
Instagram: @VinceSirico

“The adidas Springblade has returned, along with a new outsole design improved to excel your overall performance. Featuring EVA forefoot cushioning and AdiPrene at the toe, the adidas Springblade Ignite provides a premium running experience. A vibrant graphic upper welded with mesh creates ideal breathability and the reduced amount of blades on the outsole provides a new, visually appealing look.”


Instagram: @DubNBud
Flickr: JDalcour

“From a daily walk to the track, adidas SpringBlade offers a mix of comfort and performance. The six blades on the back give me an uplifting comfort while they kept a grounded feel to my feet. The interlining cushion is just the right size and feel to the ankle. The breathable mesh did a great job at keeping my foot in place. While these were quickly added to my top 10 go-to comfort shoes, I could easily bust these out at a track meet if need be.”


Photographer Kimber Shaw and Model Kris Gouty
Instagram: @KimberShaw/

“I was really impressed with the overall comfort and fit of the shoe. Springblade Ignite has a futuristic charm, and the give of the blades makes it feel as if you’re walking on air. Without a doubt exceeded all of my expectations.” —

“The overall design and look of the shoe is quite amazing, and I have not seen anything like it. Quite honestly it was a pleasure to photograph it.” — @KimberShaw

Aubry Wiltcher
Twitter: @aubrygrl
Instagram: @aubrymarie

“The adidas Springblade is a unique shoe. At first glance it stands out and demands attention … functional and stylish, perfect for any occasion.”

adidas Springblade Ignite - Aubry Marie


Sean Go
Twitter: @SGO8
Instagram: @SGO8
Flickr: SeanGo

“The adidas Springblade Ignite is a shoe unlike anything I’ve ever worn before. Aesthetically speaking, the shoe is uniquely mechanical in its appearance, and really separates itself from other runners on the market with its “machine-like” look with the protruding elastic-polymer blades on the heel. However, performance-wise it shines, as you can really feel the energy-return with the impact of each step you take. Taking photos of the Springblade Ignite was a fun experience as I let the intricate design of the shoe mesh with the cold, urban terrain of a Toronto winter, demonstrating that the shoe is not limited to an indoor track or warm weather.”

The adidas Springblade Ignite is available in exclusive colorways now at