Love at First Sight: How Foamer Simpson Fell for Air Max 120’s


Name: Foamer Simpson




Favorite Nike Air Max: Air Max 120

“And if I don’t kiss you, I’m a peck you, right before I *** chu.

I sneeze on tracks an’ bless you.”

I can still remember Jada’s verse on “Money, Power, Respect” blasting out of my Discman as I walked up to the sneaker spot.

“First you get the money…”

mrFOAMERSIMPSON with the Nike Air Max 120

Mom Dukes gave me some bread to buy a new pair of shoes — $80 to be exact! That was a lot, considering she usually just bought me Spaldings from Marshalls. She insisted it was all made of the same leather. I knew better though! Those things were so stiff I felt like I was cross-country skiing every time I stepped outside. I had saved up a little cash on the side, so I finally had enough money to cop something really dope! Pennys, Jordans, the possibilities seemed endless as I walked through the door.

“Then you get the power…”

Sneakers, everywhere! I was in heaven, but before I could even look around BAM! I was mesmerized. The spiderweb pattern, the orange gradient fade, the air bubble! What?! That air bubble was crazy! These were ill! I didn’t know what they were called or whose shoes they were, but I needed them bad.

“You got these in an 11?” I asked a dude who worked there. “Let me check slim.” That next minute felt like an eternity. Cue the Jeopardy music.

Just as I started to panic a little, I saw him come back out with a Nike box! “I got you young fella!” I took them out and laced them up right there on the spot! Threw my old kicks in my burgundy JanSport (remember those?) and headed to the register.

Pulled the cash out of my sock and handed over the sweaty bills. Not sure why I kept my money in my sock back then — I mean I had pockets, but for some reason the sock just seemed like a better look.

“Then they will respect you…”

I left the store with the meanest strut ever. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the man! I walked straight to the park. I couldn’t wait to get there! I knew none of my friends had these either, which made it all the more satisfying.

mrFOAMERSIMPSON with the Nike Air Max 120

As soon as I stepped into the park, I was breaking necks! This was the first shoe I ever owned with an air bubble! I was basking in my freshness. My man Frankie came over and pointed to the shoes, “Yo, you got the juice now man.”

Stay tuned the whole month of June for more Air Max love stories.