Ditch The Laces With The Nike Roshe Run Slip On


The perfect intersection of simplicity and style, the Nike Roshe Run just got simpler.

A shoe design inspired by the simplicity of a Zen Master, the Roshe Run was crafted with the absolutely bare necessities in mind. Meaning that this running-inspired Nike Sportwear shoe only needs quarter support, heel support, and cushioning. Designer, Dylan Raasch, explains, “I felt the simpler I could make it, the more profound it would become.”

Notice how Raasch said “simpler” and not “more simplistic”? Simple is the ideal but beyond that is too simplistic, or oversimplified.

The laceless Roshe Run Slip On has consumers polarized between thinking the design is the perfect evolution of simple for this model or just too plain.

No matter where you stand, nobody disagrees that the breathable mesh and snug fitting neoprene bootie upper lends to ideal nice weather rockage, even sans socks. The much beloved Phylon sole is still present to provide lightweight cushioning as vacations, barbecues, and the outdoors consume your summer.

These colorways of the Nike Roshe Run Slip On are now available on