adidas Streetball II: A Hidden Gem From The adidas Archive


Kanye West, Pharrell and Nigo have all joined forces with adidas in the recent months, and not surprisingly, it’s created a lot of buzz. Buzz is great thing, but sometimes it overshadows great things as well. When a company creates high quality product on a regular basis and partners with some of the world’s most creative minds, sometimes great things get overlooked. A great example of that is the adidas Streetball line.

A quick stroll through Google images will result in countless colorways of the adidas Streetball and Streetball II worn by a number of respectable sneaker enthusiasts, year over year. This basketball shoe that originally released in the early ’90s has become a staple in the collections of true sneaker enthusiasts. It represents a time wear fashion was as much about showing up at the local basketball court as it was how you looked when you got there. If you weren’t putting in work on the blacktop, you weren’t putting in work anywhere.

You can relive that ’90s vibe in a modern version of the adidas Streetball II at 8am EST March 29th on