Reebok Kamikaze: Shawn Kemp’s First Signature Sneaker Returns


Reebok Classics is living up to its namesake with the retro product over the last year or so. Reebok’s Creative Director and famed entertainer Swizz Beatz, has ensured the brand bring back the Classics from their catalog, but next week is when one of the company’s most coveted basketball shoe returns. In 1994, during the prime of Shawn Kemp’s career, Reebok gave the 6-time NBA All Star his first signature sneaker, the Reebok Kamikaze.


Twenty years after the Reebok Kamikaze first released, the sneaker Shawn Kemp wore while he used to throw down high-flying alley oops from his counterpart, Gary Payton, returns for the first time. Beginning with the most appropriate aspect, the Seattle Supersonics-inspired colorway features a black and green upper broken up with bold white lines that make it unmistakeable, both on the court and off. With the “Reign Man” getting his first sneaker retroed, who knows, maybe a return to the court dunking on opponents and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio will make a comeback as well. Either way, there will be plenty of memories relived when the Reebok Kamikaze returns on January 17th.

The Reebok Kamikaze Retro will be available at 8AM EST on January 17th on