3 Business Casual Sneakers for the Office


True sneakerheads feel compelled to rock their kicks regardless of where they are, including the office. While some sneakers have absolutely no business making an appearance in a business setting, there are the few that fit in perfectly. If the sneakerhead in you is urging to ditch dress shoes for some sneaks, and your work place allows it, here are a few classics to try:

2. Converse Chuck Taylors

Some things just work, and given the track record of these, the Chucks are doing something right. Starting off as a basketball sneaker, then shifting to the punk rock arena, it’s no surprise that Chuck Taylors┬áhave finally made their debut in the office.

2. Nike Roshe Runs

These kicks have been popular as of recent, for two reasons. They’re simple and comfortable. They have low-profile panels, and are made up of soft materials so you can wear them 8+ hours a day. Keeping the flash to a minimum, you can easily don the Roshes in the workplace.

3. adidas Samoas

With the premium leather upper of the adidas Samoas, you’ll be able to convince more than a few people at the office that these aren’t just for the weekend.

What are some kicks that you wear in the office?