Dress Code Compliant


For some, the return of the school year is cause for excitement. For just about everyone else, it’s quite the dreaded countdown. The first day of school marks the end of a “wake up in the afternoon…sleep when the sun comes up” summer, so it’s understandable that many aren’t ready for the good times to end. Something that always seems to cheer everyone up is a good old shopping spree, but since you need to work within the confines of school dress code policy, you may need a little guidance on what to go for.

Nike Air Force 1

Available in all-white, all-black and an assortment of different color that no other shoe can boast, the Nike Air Force 1 is the consummate dress code kick. A thick rubber midsole and leather upper makes this one durable and comfortable at the same time.

Converse Chuck Taylor Low

The Chuck Taylor has been around for a while, and for the simple fact that it’s a clean, affordable option that has a surprising amount of durability. Being affordable and durable, it’s the perfect sneaker to withstand the school year and easily replace when they break down.

Nike T-Shirts

Tank tops are, for the most part, off-limits, when it comes to school dress code, so refer yourself to Nike’s t-shirt selection, as those should fall right in line with dress code.