The word “restock” has become one of the most polarizing words in the lexicon of sneaker enthusiasts as of late.  The Internet is buzzing on this very topic every day.  My take…bring it on.

For years, the supply of signature products wasn’t even close to the demand and after an item was gone, it was gone for good.  But just because it was done that way for years, doesn’t mean that it was right.  I applaud the brands, especially Nike and Jordan Brand for hearing the customer and increasing the supply.

What’s the argument against this?  Well for those that care about the “value” of their shoes or collection, the restocks definitely affect that conversely.  I can’t ignore the impact that it has on the reseller as well.  The more pairs available at retail, the smaller the secondary market becomes.  That said, as popularity of “sneaker culture” grows and demand continues to outweigh an inflated supply, people will continue to be willing to pay a premium, which keeps the resellers relevant.

But value is relative…value doesn’t always have to be monetary, and bringing additional pairs to market or restocking doesn’t change someone’s emotional connection to the shoe.

Many people that missed out on styles released over the last few months will have an opportunity to get their hands on something that may have eluded them.  These large restocks are coming more and more frequently, with the latest one on May 25th when Finish Line releases the Jordan Retro 4 Thunder.