Nike Flywire Technology


Nike is known for their unrivaled innovation, and they always seem to be at the front of the pack in terms of revolutionary sneaker technology. Back in 2008, Nike set out to design a new material that had similar technical aspects as carbon fiber, being lightweight and very strong, but at the same time have the ability to stretch and move along with the foot, unlike carbon fiber which is very stiff. After much testing along with trial and error, the Nike design team found the material that they were looking for, giving birth to Nike Flywire.

Comprised of finely spun liquid crystal polymer fibers, Nike Flywire was an all new support system that was not only more lightweight than anything that we have seen in the past, but also very strong as well. Traditionally, shoes were constructed with uppers comprised of various panels sewn together to offer support, but much of the materials were considered to carry excess weight. Flywire was designed to cut out that extra weight, while still giving support to areas where the foot needs it most. Expanding and contracting along with the movements of the foot, Nike Flywire has a second skin like fit that moves along with the wearer’s foot.

Since the conception of Flywire, Nike has used them on various types of performance shoes. Although it was originally designed for running, Nike realized that the high tenacity fibers would translate well into other sports. Now, you can find Flywire in not only Nike running shoes, but also basketball shoes, soccer cleats, training shoes, and even football cleats.