The Different Elements to Basketball Shoes


Unlike basketball shoes in the past, current basketball athletes demand a shoe that is exceptionally lightweight. Every brand that produces basketball shoes are cutting down on materials, using lighter materials, and designing new technologies that decrease the weight of the shoe. Incorporated in such shoes as the adidas D. Rose 3, SprintWeb technology is a new material from adidas that is designed to reduce weight and increase breathability.

SprintWeb is a series of fabrics that are bonded seamlessly together that grip you’re your foot and provide stability, particularly during fast or abrupt movements. The material is also relatively thin, making it very lightweight and also breathable. While you may wonder if a lighter material may decrease the amount of support the shoe has, SprintWeb’s gripping design allows it to maintain support, unlike other lightweight materials.

SprintWeb is an exceptional technology for basketball shoes, improving multiple design functions that increase the shoe’s overall performance. If you want to give SprintWeb technology a firsthand try, check out the adidas D. Rose 3 or the adidas Crazy Light 2.