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Nike Air Max

No doubt that Fall is in the air. With muted shades, minimal accents, and those leafy backgrounds, you all presented that at the forefront.
#AirMaxMondays 9/28/15

Everyone has their go-to sneakers that they rock until the soles come off. Thankfully, even with Air Maxes being a popular pick, there are so many
#AirMaxMondays 9/21/15

With last week's collection of Air Maxes, the question of white sneakers post-Labor Day came up. Based on Twitter and Instagram this week, it looks like all-white may be pretty phased
#AirMaxMondays 9/14/15

The holidays always call for some celebrating, and Labor Day is no exception. When it comes to the choice of Air Maxes, that could mean playing
#AirMaxMondays 9/7/15

Like many sneakers of the past few years, Air Maxes, have been swept by loud patterns and prints, turning the loudness of the repertoire up just
#AirMaxMondays 8-31-15

When it comes to copping your Air Maxes, there are several options, from single general releases, to retro drops, exclusive collaborations, and packs. Today, we're featuring a
#AirMaxMondays - 8/24/15

Before you know it, the summer season will have come and gone. Thankfully for now, that's not the case, and your Air Max pictures for this week's
#AirMaxMondays 8/17/15

Though we like to switch it up here and there, with back-to-school on the horizon, it's only right that people are rocking the iconic
#AirMaxMondays 8/10/15

With new Air Maxes featured on the blog every week, there's no doubt we see some of the same classics over and over again. So this