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#AirMaxMondays - 'Cause We Can

When I say Air, you say Max. Air! (Max!) Air! (Max!). Awwwh yeah, welcome to our weekly celebration of some of the best shoes in the

It's another viewing of the best Nike Air Max from across the Instagram-sphere in today's #AirMaxMondays post. There's a lot to like here, so

#AirMaxMondays is a day that we reflect on the awesome weekend we just had, think about what we have to do during the forthcoming
#AirMaxMondays - From the AM95 "Halloween" to the AM90 "Tree Snake"

For this week's #AirMaxMondays roundup, we found a lot of gems out there on Instagram. From the Nike Air Max 95 "Halloween" to the
#AirMaxMondays - Fall Edition

The countdown for Halloween has officially begun. Only 4 more days! Do you have your costume all figured out yet? If not, get cracking! For next
#AirMaxMondays - Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

Happy Monday Everybody! And if it isn't, well, it is now because you've found us here on The Blog for #AirMaxMondays. As you (may or
#AirMaxMondays Where's Your Pink At?

Awwwh yeah, you guys have been killin’ it for #AirMaxMondays. In leu of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are going to do
#AirMaxMondays: The Best Way to Start the Week

You guys are all awesome. We really felt the love last Monday from all the Nike Air Max pictures you proudly--and rightfully!--boasted on Twitter and Instagram. What

If you Urban Dictionary "Air Max", this is what you'll find: "A kind of shoe made by Nike. They are the best kick on the