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#AirMaxMondays - Fall Edition

The countdown for Halloween has officially begun. Only 4 more days! Do you have your costume all figured out yet? If not, get cracking! For next
#AirMaxMondays - Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

Happy Monday Everybody! And if it isn't, well, it is now because you've found us here on The Blog for #AirMaxMondays. As you (may or
#AirMaxMondays Where's Your Pink At?

Awwwh yeah, you guys have been killin’ it for #AirMaxMondays. In leu of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are going to do
#AirMaxMondays: The Best Way to Start the Week

You guys are all awesome. We really felt the love last Monday from all the Nike Air Max pictures you proudly--and rightfully!--boasted on Twitter and Instagram. What

If you Urban Dictionary "Air Max", this is what you'll find: "A kind of shoe made by Nike. They are the best kick on the
Happy Air Max Monday! #AirMaxMondays

It's time for Finish Line's #AirMaxMondays weekly round up, where we scour Twitter and Instagram looking for those who show off their Nike Air
#AirMaxMondays - Start Your Weekly Sneaker Rotation Off Right

When the weather is a-changin' so is your sneaker rotation. One thing that doesn't change? Nike Air Max on Mondays. Time to put those
#AirMaxMondays = Air Max Madness

If there were more Fridays in the week, we'd all rejoice. I suppose that day of the week is debatable with Saturdays. Now, most
#AirMaxMondays - Celebrate Visual Technology With Us

The time has come yet again for our weekly #AirMaxMondays round-up. Perhaps the only the best thing to look forward to on any given