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The Air Maxes we found you all rocking this week incorporated some crazy colors. In particular, neon green got its shine on your feet as a
#AirMaxMondays 5/11/15

You all are rocking Air Maxes in offices, schools, and other places inside, and now we're finally seeing plenty out on the pavement. Twitter and Instagram are blowing up with all
#AirMaxMondays 5/4/15

From what we're seeing on social media, flowers are not all that's blooming as we enter May. The Air Maxes being featured on Twitter and Instagram are definitely lighting up
#AirMaxMondays Header 4/27/15

It's a great time to be outside with your Air Maxes, and you all certainly showed them off on Twitter and Instagram. View below as we feature some Air
#AirMaxMondays Header 4/13/15

You all are finding cool ways to stunt with your Air Maxes on Twitter and Instagram. Check below for a sampling of some of the retros and top-of-the-line pairs that

We're at a festive time of the year. The spring weather is starting to set in, and Easter was just yesterday! You all pulled out

Spring is in the air, and our love for Air Maxes is too. Check out this week's roundup of beautiful Nikes from those of you last Monday who

We know, Mondays can be kind of ... a drag. Luckily, that's why we post #AirMaxMondays here on The Blog (among lots of other great

Have you taken a picture of your Air Maxes yet today? Well, if not, you know what they say, better late than never. Without further