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Finish Line loves being a part of the women's running community by interviewing local marathoners, providing motivational pieces to stay focused, offering exercise plans for race preparation, and running shoe reviews to help runners of all kinds gear up. Whether you're running, into marathons or Half Marathons, training for the Boston Marathon, a finisher of the New York City Marathon, an advocate of the Bay to Breakers, a California International Marathon alumn, preparing for the Los Angeles Marathon, or are a die-hard Chicago Marathon runner, the Finish Line Blog is the place to be.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Written by: Mireille Sine

Training for Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles has come with its challenges, but has nonetheless been great. As race day approaches, I am nervous yet excited about getting out there and putting everything I’ve learned these last two months into use. Going from recreational running to training for a race can be a daunting act; but with preparation, good support, and goal setting, it is definitely achievable! It’s those factors, incorporated into the training sessions, which are going to carry myself and fellow runners across the finish line.

At first, I met training with excitement. I’ve always wanted to do an Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and the fact that I was given the opportunity to run in my home city made the experience even sweeter. I promised myself to stay dedicated during the track workouts, the short runs, long runs, cross-training, and recovery days. What I appreciated most about this process was what I learned about myself along the way. Everything from what foods to use as fuel, how to improve my running mechanics to be more efficient, and weaknesses I have as a runner, all things I will be working on even after crossing this finish line.

To anyone who is hesitant about running their first 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, Full Marathon and anything in between, just know that your goals are absolutely doable. And remember to have fun in the process!

Training Essentials

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Essentials

-A Running Group: I’ve had the pleasure of training with Nike Run Club & Blacklist LA. Running with other people who share common goals really makes a difference!

-Gu Energy Gels & Nuun: For fuel on the go

Garmin Forerunner 235: I’m a fan to data-analysis (majored in Exercise Science, haha), so the feedback I get from running with Garmin has only made me a better, more knowledgeable runner.

Before/After Workout Meals

If I’m running first thing the morning, I always eat a bowl of steel-cut oats mixed with peanut butter, ground chia & flax seed, and topped with a little honey. If it’s an evening workout, I usually fuel up with a bagel and some peanut butter. I typically can’t eat a big meal immediately following a workout, so I re-fuel with a nutrition shake (Amazing Grass taste delicious!), and RxBar, and water to re-hydrate.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Prep

Before/After Workout Stretches

Before a workout, I’ll do more dynamic stretches and a bit of cardio (high-knees & butt kicks for example) to get the blood flowing. Afterward, I make sure to stretch out my legs (special attention to my quads, gluts, hamstrings and calves) and back while also incorporating a foam roller and tennis ball to get deeper into the muscles.

Social Media Handles

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Training

Looking forward to connecting with everyone! You can find me on Instagram @mcsinee.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 11.39.35 AM

Written by: Melissa Genove

Training for a half marathon is a commitment.  Your weekend plans quickly start looking like carb loading dinners and long runs. Your brunch friends don’t quite understand it, but your running buddies all get it.  Whether it’s your 1st or 40th marathon, committing to a half marathon means giving it your personal best (whatever that may be at the time).  As a runner who has frequently gotten injured from running, I’ve learned to mix up my training.  Odd as it may seem, I only run 3 times per week, and so far it has been working for me: my speed has improved on the track, and long runs don’t take the whole weekend to recover from.  

This is the training plan that has been working for me for the Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Race:

Sunday Rest
Monday Morning: Spinning (45 mins)

Evening: Yoga Sculpt

Tuesday Morning:  Yoga

Evening: Speed Training

Wednesday Morning: Yoga

Evening: Recovery Run

Thursday Morning: Spinning (45 mins)

Evening: Spinning (45 mins) and Yoga

Friday Morning: Spinning (45 mins)

Evening: Spinning (45 mins)

Saturday Morning: Long Run

Afternoon: Yoga

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 11.40.16 AM

It seems like a heavy schedule, but it’s very do-able, even if you have a normal 8-5 like me!  Spinning has been an amazing addition to my workout routine.  It keeps my heart-rate up, and usually spin with my girlfriends, so it can double as a sweat sesh and a girls’ night. I cannot stress the importance of yoga enough.  When you’re putting that much impact on your body stretching is so necessary.  Though running and yoga are completely different activities, there is something so synonymous about holding a particularly difficult pose and breaking through the dreaded “wall” during a race.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 11.44.11 AM

My favorite sneakers to run in are hands down the Nike LunarTempo 2.  I have been wearing them for the past 1.5 years and have gone through five pairs of them already (from training for so many half and full marathons!).  They are lightweight, but still absorb the impact of the pavement.  What I love most about them is that they’re stylish and versatile, so I can take them from the gym, to the track, to brunch (yes, I am that girl that wears sneakers to brunch, lol).

Perhaps, my favorite thing about marathon training is being able to eat as much pasta as I want. As someone who can eat bowls and bowls of pasta, I try to make my pasta bowls as healthy as I possibly can. Here’s my recipe for Lemon Chicken Penne Pasta:

  • Olive oil
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • Crushed red pepper
  • Two chicken breasts
  • One lemon
  • Parsley
  • Box of penne pasta (whole grain is healthiest)
  1. Heat olive oil, add chopped garlic until slightly browned
  2. Add diced chicken, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper (if you can handle spicy) to taste
  3. Add in cooked pasta
  4. Add lemon and parsley and let cook for 1 min (you want it to still be wet before you turn it off so the flavors are still intact)

My best advice for training for a half marathon?  Always listen to your body.  If you need to rest, rest.  If you feel like you can handle an extra spin class, or a few miles, do it. At the end of the day, you’re committed to this race for you, so don’t be afraid to put yourself first.

Keep up with Melissa and her adventures on IG: @melliecay


With only a few weeks left until our Finish Line Women hit the streets of L.A., we wanted to get to know what the ladies are doing to get prepared for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon come October 30th. The struggles, the important details of listening to their bodies or the proper fuel that helps them get out and train. All of these things are a part of getting ready for a long race, and committing to the process is a big step. Starting off this Rock ‘n’ Roll series is Diana Mireles.

Dianakmir Athleisure Image blg

Written by: @dianakmir

Staying consistent with my half marathon-training plan has been more difficult than I thought it would be. Things don’t always work out the way I plan them to, but I still try to get my runs in as much as I can. Throughout my whole fitness journey, I have learned and experienced so many new things. It’s still so crazy to me how the body works. It could be totally healthy and perfectly fine one day and the next; it’s the complete opposite.

My Training: 

The first weeks of Half Marathon training started off going well for me. Pain-free, keeping up with workouts, but once the weeks started flying by, I feel like things started to change quickly. I’ve been taking a lot more rest days than I wanted/planned to, but it’s all to help me recover and prevent any serious injuries. When I start experiencing any pain, I think to myself that I can just push it until the end, but I don’t want to get injured to the point where I’d have to sit out weeks or even months, so I have been trying to take days off to recover. Even though I hate to miss some of my runs, I feel like recovery is part of the training plan.  I can’t stress this enough, but you have got to LISTEN to your body! Your health is way more important than ANY run!


As the weeks have gone by and I’ve continued to listen to my body, my workouts have been getting a lot better and my pace has been decreasing. I also gave KT Tape a try for the first time during one of my Saturday long runs and that stuff definitely works wonders!

Overall, training hasn’t been the smoothest ride for me, but it has definitely taught me how to physically and mentally prepare myself for the big day. I truly can’t thank the running community and the run groups I run with enough for the encouragement and support. They help me push myself past my limits when I feel like giving up.

My Top Workout Essentials: 

My main training essentials would most definitely have to be my Garmin Forerunner 225 gps watch and  Nike+ Run App (to transfer over my miles/pace from my watch and keep track of them there).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I’m currently alternating between the Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 and the adidas Ultra Boost. Both of these sneakers have the support and stability I need for both short and long runs. I still haven’t decided which of the two will be my half marathon sneaker.

What I’m Listening To:

My favorite music to listen to on a run would definitely be something that’s more upbeat and is going to help me keep my mind off anything that can distract me from my keeping up with my pace throughout my run. Anything from Hip Hop, Rap, Techno, House, you name it!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

What I’ve learned so far throughout my training journey for my first half marathon is that it’s all mental strength more than anything. When you feel like giving up, it’s not your body that wants to stop, its your brain telling you that you are tired. You are capable of a lot more than you think so I believe going into your runs with the right mind helps you go longer distances. For me, it also helps when I run with a group of people rather than running by myself. When I’m running with a group, I don’t think about how many miles I have left, because all I’m thinking about is keeping up with the group, which not only helps pick up my pace, but also helps keep my mind off of the miles.

Keep Up With My Training And Athleisure Style: 

Instagram: @dianakmir

Twitter: @dianakmir

Snapchat: @YNRDEE


Check back with us and see more training stories from our Finish Line Women 🙂 



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Nike Women SF Marathon Zoom Pegasus 32

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Go get ’em ladies!

Not too long ago, the term “athleisure” could have dropped off the face of the planet and no one would have bat an eyelash. Today, growing out of the “yoga pant phase”, athleisure style is more appealing than ever. From music superstars & fashion muses to professional athletes (the list goes on), the trend has caught on like wildfire. Designers, retailers and fashion know-it-alls are excited, because the reaction has been tremendous and collaborations are top of the line. With help from Nike & Under Armour, athleisure style is once again center stage and doesn’t fail to perform.

Model @SorayaYd | Photographer @Lastraoscar

Nike Air Max Siren Print Running Shoes + Nike Pro Indy Sports Bra + Nike Tech Fleece Vest


“Leggings are the new denim”Mark Parker, CEO Nike

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Daytime look you can amp up with faux leather leggings as seen on Soraya. Substitute with joggers or running tights and this look can go from everyday street-wear to workout ready.

Under Armour SpeedForm Fortis Running Shoes


“Designers and retailers are obsessed with clothes that fit a somewhat broad category of being appropriate for either athletic or leisure pursuits, or both.” Eric Wilson, InStyle Magazine

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The black SpeedForm Fortis allows a trendy night time look to be comfortable yet street savvy.

 Nike Air Max 90 OG Running Shoes


“I live in gym clothes. When you go out on the street, it’s the uniform now.”Alexander Wang


Seeing an Air Max 90 with a glossed look is refreshing and relevant in today’s fashion.

Nike Air Max 90 OG Running Shoes + Nike Rally Plus Jogger Pants + Nike Track & Field Cropped Tank

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

“One insight we continually get from top athletes is that if they look good, they feel good, which means they’ll perform their best.” – Julie Igarashi, vice president of Global Design for Nike 

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What girl doesn’t have a sweatpants day/night now and again? Joggers with shape are comfy, but not sloppy and compliment matching leisure wear for any hangout or workout occasion.

Under Armour Flow Run Grid Running Shoes


“I always [considered] getting into designer dresses, but when I thought about it, I’m in workout clothes every day of my life.” – Kate Hudson, Fabletics Co-Founder & Actress

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Allowing you to jump from one activity to the next, the Flow Run Grid takes care of your every move while breaking a sweat or walking around town.

Find all things athleisure at Finishline.com

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Model @_modernfit | Photographer @holdenfocus

Reflecting back on the campaign, I WILL WHAT I WANT, @_modernfit goes beyond the sneakers, shares her personal story and explains why Flow Run Grid and Speed Form Fortis allow her to maintain A WOMAN OF WILL mentality:

“Growing up naturally thin, I was teased & bullied. I also had rumors spread about me that I had an eating disorder. I felt limited doing any type of sport because I was programmed to think that thin girls aren’t capable of doing so. I was perceived as physically weak which lead me to be mentally weak. Discovering my passion for health & fitness has allowed me to create my own success. I started lifting weights and lifting my confidence while doing so. I went from caring what everyone thought of me to not caring at all. One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what others say you can’t. You hold the paint brush to this blank canvas you call LIFE and paint it how you want to paint it. Strong is the new beautiful.”

“On the track, streets or in the gym, these running shoes compliment my lifestyle. Making me stronger and stylish on any given day. Flow Run Grid is lightweight for running and its mixture of prints and solids allow you to look sharp for victory. The Speed Form Fortis is different with its subtle patterns and adjustable lock down strap. You feel good and look good.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.16.58 PM

The Flow Run Grid and Speed Form Fortis create depth for women and their style while supporting the “no space between woman and athlete” message in the I WILL WHAT I WANT. Under Armour continues to support WOMEN OF WILL by designing shoes that get the workout done and compliment style on the street. 

Get your Flow Run Grid and Speed Form Fortis at Finishline.com

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Looking back to the mid-90’s, Air Max 95 sneaks were one of the most popular on the street, track, field or court. Whether athletes were slipping them on after games, sporting them at practice or casually wearing the style around town, Air Max 95’s were right up everyone’s alley.

Nike’s latest edition is the Air Max 95 Ultra. With a design staying true to the original, the 95 Ultra has an Air Max cushioning system, attractive colorway and new hyperfuse upper, which allows the sneaker to have a seamless quality. In this case, comfort is style and style is comfort. The 95 Ultra will be friendly to your feet, an ice-breaker for conversation with fellow Air Max lovers and your workout companion anytime of day.

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Adriana Cesar - Spring Playlist

Music is one of those in-explainable components of life. It pumps you up by doing something weird to your brain so you keep on going longer, working harder, and it can totally change your mood for the better, especially when it comes to training in the gym or heading out for your weekly run. We reached out to some of our Finish Line girls and asked them, What’s In Your Ear? to see what keeps their hearts racing and muscles moving. Check out Adriana’s list of tunes below for some new music of your own. 

Adriana Cesar

Twitter: @adrianacesar

Instagram: @ithrive

Adriana Cesar - Spring Playlist

Spring Tunes Playlist:

Adriana Cesar’s Spring Playlist | Listen for free at bop.fm

Buy on iTunes/Download on Soundcloud:

Now that you have some new tunes to give a listen to, how’s your workout attire looking? If you’re in need of a new outfit to keep up the motivation even more, check out Finish Line’s assortment.



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Through @FinishLineWomen, we’ll not only be showing you the hottest product and different ways to wear it, but more importantly, this will be a platform for the real women in that product, their personalities, and the forthcoming stories that can be told.

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