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It’s that time of year where the world of fashion prepares to take in what’s new, what’s reinterpreted and what is falling off as a trend for Spring/Summer ’19. Before we head to New York, we wanted to see what the future will hold for athleisure focused fashion. Below you will see our favorites for the year ahead and what we hope to see when we’re in the Big Apple!


Sneakers are seeing a good amount of attention in the world of fashion and continue to evolve. Performance wear in general is under the spotlight, so we’re definitely anticipating chunky silhouettes at NYFW.


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Sportswear, like the sneaker trend has been gaining a lot of momentum in fashion. We really started seeing different collaborations and standout moments for this in 2018 and should see that continue in 2019.

Color and Bold Graphic Prints

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Tailored pieces with color or print will also be something to look out for during NYFW. Who doesn’t love color and print for warmer weather, amiright?

Minimal and Oversized 

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The trend of comfort alone has been something that is attracting many in the fashion world. Relaxed silhouettes are still relevant and we are looking forward to seeing how the streets of New York brings this look to life this year.

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