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Since its release in 1991, the Nike Air Huarache has continued to innovate and push boundaries, which is why the style has remained a staple of running footwear. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the model was inspired Native American Sandals and was designed to stretch with your foot. That idea has been expanded on the latest edition of the model.

The Nike Air Huarache Run Premium Zip takes the classic Huarache look and elevates it. As the name suggests, the shoe boasts a zippered, gusseted tongue. Hidden branding is revealed when the tongue is unzipped. Laced, zipped, totally undone or unzipped. You can wear it as you choose, creating tons of style options. The rubber cage and elastic strap adds support and provides the classic Huarache look. An encapsulated Air-Sole unit and Cushlon foam are paired together for next level cushioning. This round of colorways includes options in black and ‘Bright Citron.

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Written by Sophia Altholz 

Images and video by Jordana Koffsky 

Growing up in New York City, and Israel, I’ve always had a particular sensitivity to visual polarity. Clashing of patterns, contrasting cultures, inverted colors and any other form of modern day chiaroscuro treatment that has the potential to come to life

I relate to contrast figuratively, when it comes to femininity versus masculinity, but also literally when it comes to color and subject matter. I consider myself a fine artist and digital creator/designer, but I also strongly identify as an entrepreneur, business woman, and pragmatic marketeer on this earth.

After receiving my BFA from Pratt Institute in Digital Art & Interactive Media, I went straight into advertising working for Gary Vaynerchuk at Vaynermedia, helping Art Direction for JP Morgan & Chase.

After hours, I started drawing on sneakers for Gary and his team which created a lot of buzz in and out of the agency. I started to create more customized sneakers post my time at VM. Since Gary, I’ve created sneakers for people like Casey Cott, Nigel Sylvester, Mason Plumlee, Hannah Bronfman, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Andrew Zimmern, Giada De Laurentiis, Anne Burrell, Alton Brown and more, where SophDawg Creations has continually grown to be what it is today (I’d like to give a special thanks to the people who helped until now).

I was always a doodler, especially in high school, where I secreted creativity out of every moment I could. Drawing on stuff, especially sneakers has always been extremely meditative for me. It brings me to a place of simple thinking and peacefulness. In this digital age, there are so many potential options at all moments; iPhone, therefore, I am, so It’s nice to just draw and disconnect from the world.

With sneakers, there is no command-z, but cautious creativity and focused illustration. I usually send people a questionnaire to extract what types of images and messaging I’ll draw on their sneakers. When it comes to designing sneakers for myself, I bring in that clash of imagery I was talking about before. Nature versus artificiality; bright versus dark; feminine versus masculine; basketball versus flowers; city versus country; pink versus blue; sky versus land; black versus white. And so on.

Throughout my years growing up in New York City and Israel, one consistent place I would visit was my family’s home in the woods of North Western Connecticut. I always felt split between the bright and exciting city, and the calm and peaceful country. As an artist, I believe I embody both qualities pretty equally, and am excited to grow these harmonious incongruities in the future.

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Hi! My name is Jac Vanek. I am a business owner, entrepreneur, and podcaster. I grew up in sunny Orange County, and have been in LA since I was 18. I’ve always expressed myself through the way I look and what I put on my bod, and in high school during peak MySpace days, that meant lots of black eyeliner, fingerless gloves, and ripped up band tees. Obviously my style has evolved in the last decade, and these days, my every day style is definitely one revolving around comfort.

Because I am self employed, my daily uniform is a pair of leggings, a cropped hoodie or jacket of some sort, and sneakers. I’m always running around doing a million different things, and the last thing I want to worry about is being uncomfortable in my own skin. I won’t lie, I love the athleisure trend strictly because I can be super comfy and look somewhat acceptable while tricking people into thinking I maaaaaay work out at some point that day (spoiler alert, I won’t).

I’m obsessed with the Nike Air Max 93’s because they remind me of the sneakers my parents used to wear when I was a kid in the 90s. They’re nostalgic AND they feel like walking on clouds, which is a win-win for me! Because I always love to be a LITTLE bit extra matchy matchy, pairing it with the Nike Sportswear Cropped Hoodie was a must.

If I want to tone it down a little bit, I’ll go with the Nike Air Hurrache sneakers. They’re chunky enough to be on trend, but the off white makes them more unassuming than the Air Max’s. I could basically switch between these two sneakers until the day I die.

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or listen to her podcast @theladygang.


Nike is breaking the mold with their most recent campaign around Huarache Drift and Huarache City Low. The brand turned to influencers for the #RuleBreaker campaign that push boundaries while staying true to themselves and look to style as a representation of their passions in life. As a result, the energy around Huarache is set to remix the norm and set fire to street fashion.

Jacquon Evans (@yungpolarfijiwater) is a model, dancer, actor, music making individual. A free spirit that has always put his unique spin on style. Showing off the Nike Air Huarache Drift, his look is lively and very much in-sync with his vibe on life.

Regan Aliyah (@reagan_ux) an entertainer in more ways than one. Rapper, dancer, singer, DJ, anything that has her in the moment and showing her truth. Wearing the Huarache City Low, Regan effortlessly takes Nike style and rocks it with confidence.

Get a closer look at Jacquon and Regan on Instagram, and be sure to put your spin on the Nike Huarache Drift and City Low now available at finishine.com. 

By Drew Hammell

When it comes to innovation, Nike has never shied away from bold, in your face, never-before-seen designs. Ask 100 sneakerheads what the most iconic Nike running sneaker of all time is, and their answer will most likely be one with a visible Air-Sole unit. The Air Max 1, for example. Or the Air Max 95. Or the 97.

However, there were two revolutionary Nike running models that didn’t feature visible Air: the Huarache and the Shox R4. Both were beyond radical for their time. They had designs that were off the wall – way out there. Designs so crazy, so ridiculous, that they actually worked. The Huarache had a neoprene sock sewn inside of a plastic cage that held the foot in place snugly. The Shox R4 boasted actual, literal…springs. These were shoes the sneaker world dreamt of, but didn’t think anyone could possibly be audacious enough to produce.

The Air Huarache running shoe was designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and debuted in 1991. There were basketball and cross training models as well. All three models looked very different from anything Nike had released before. “It (the Huarache) didn’t need a Swoosh, because people knew that only Nike could think of this crazy idea and then pull it off,” said Hatfield in a SNKRS article.

In terms of technology, Tinker’s original sketch featured a visible Air-Sole unit, but the final model ditched the window. That turned out to be just fine, because the sole was so chunky with such a huge internal Air-Sole unit, they were like big fluffy pillows. “Have you hugged your foot today?” boasted an old Huarache ad.

19 years later, Nike debuted the Shox R4 in 2000. The beginning of the 21st century was a strange time for sneaker design – most footwear enthusiasts will agree that Nike lost their way a bit, and got a little too experimental with their concepts by ’99-‘00. Maybe it was the fact that people thought every computer was going to crash and the world was going to end when the clock struck midnight in 2000, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. The sneaker creatives might as well design the craziest shoe possible before the human race ceased to exist.

But, the clock did strike twelve, and computers didn’t crash, so out came some wild Nike designs. Leading the charge was the first Shox model, officially called the Shox R4. The R4 featured a cushioning system in the heel with urethane columns for a trampoline-style response. It took 16 years of innovative tinkering to get the Shox design and fit right for the general public, and the year 2000 seemed like the appropriate time to unveil them.

Today, there is still plenty of demand for the OG Huarache and Shox models. Nike continues to reimagine these two silhouettes as well, with the new Shox Gravity releasing along with the Huarache Run Drift and Huarache City models this month. The newer models are stripped of some of the weight from the OGs, with a revamped modern look and fit. The 2018 models are a testament to Nike’s commitment to pushing the limits of design and functionality, and prove that sometimes, crazy is good.

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Nike Ultra Styles

If top Nike designs are a part of the picture, you know it’s worth your while. Nike Ultra styles are bringing some major heat and they’re looking good with all kinds of attire. From Huarache, Air Max, Presto to Cortez, all have taken on the makeup of Ultra and it’s tough to argue that the addition takes these styles to the next level. Whether they’re getting a little lighter, more flyknit treatment or taking on a leather makeover, all are reasons why we’re buzzin over Ultra.

Men's and Women's Nike Ultra

Featuring: @la_visuals@rryanbreaux@ceciliabooo

Photos By: @caeldadian

Styles: Nike Air Max 1 Ultra FlyknitWomen’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra PremiumMen’s Nike Air Huarache Ultra SE Premium

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit 

Men's Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit

Men's Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit

The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit is not only the first Air Max 1 to get the flyknit treatment, but it’s a style for both the ladies and gents. Lightweight and the Air Max feel you love, how can you say no to this Nike Ultra design?

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Premium 

Women's Nike Air Huarache Ultra Premium

Men's Air Huarache Ultra Premium

Working out, hanging out or going out, they’re all occasions fit to flaunt your Huarache Ultra sneaks. From a simple sport legging and crop to denim and a T, Men’s and Women’s Huarache Ultra styles are showing off good looks in all the right ways.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Premium

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By Drew Hammell

1991 was a simpler, but complex time. America was becoming the land of the SUV, but sports cars were popular as well. Children played Nintendo, but needed the portable Game Boy for school and trips. McDonald’s offered the Big Mac, but also the McLean Deluxe (91% fat free!) for the health-conscious consumer. Budweiser offered Bud Light and Bud Dry for the same reason.

The Grunge movement was taking off with rebellious yet apathetic bands, like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, leading the way. Hip Hop was becoming more mainstream, but California surfer culture was also popular. These seemingly contradictory tastes of Americans paved the way for a revolutionary running sneaker by Nike – The Huarache.


The brainchild of designer Tinker Hatfield, the Air Huarache featured a groundbreaking neoprene sock liner that hugged the foot like no other shoe before it. The colors were bright and attention grabbing like a surfer’s tee shirt. The outsole was chunky, like an SUV, but the sneaker itself was light, like a sports car. The Huarache offered something for everyone, and sales took off.  

Within months, similar Huarache models were released by Nike in the form of basketball, cross training, and tennis shoes. All were colorful, edgy, and influential in the sneaker world. Famous Nike athletes were seen wearing them – from Michael Jordan, to Andre Agassi, to the Fab 5 of Michigan.

Towards the middle and late 90’s, the Huarache would go into hibernation as Air Max technology took center stage. In the early to mid-2000’s though, Nike would begin to release some retro models. They also created a revamped basketball version called the Air Zoom Huarache 2K4, which had great success since stars like Kobe Bryant were sporting them. And in 2014, America experienced a full-blown Huarache renaissance.


Many of the original models returned to retailers, with the popular running, training, and basketball models leading the way. Today, it’s difficult to walk down the street without spotting two or three people wearing a Huarache running shoe or updated Huarache Ultra model.  

The massive attraction of the Huarache is clear – Americans still love SUVs and sports cars. They’re still health-conscious, but love a good Big Mac. Plus, the price point is appealing (the original runner is $110, while most other popular Nike runners are $140 or higher). Above all, the Huarache broke the rules when it came to traditional sneaker design, and Americans love a good rebel story.

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Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.49.32 AM
????: @aaronricketts_ 

The weather is really starting to cool down after the first month of fall. If you haven’t already, it’s probably time to change up your sneaker rotation to better suit the climate. Here’s a couple of essentials for the rest of the season.

1. Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit 

Time for the upgrade. The Roshe 2 maintains a minimal silhouette, and improvements to the sole offer additional comfort. The more refined look makes it easy to switch up your look from sweats to joggers. Also, props to the Swoosh for always giving us a plethora of colorways to choose from.

GPL_9787 GPL_9803

2. adidas Gazelle

Can’t kick the classics. Ultimate simplicity made with premium pigskin leather upper. The Gazelle originally became a Three Stripes classic in the 90’s. Time to bring it back and set off your rotation. We are really feelin’ this Power Red colorway, but there are 8 others to choose from online.

????: @vincesirico 

3. Nike Huarache

The Huarache craze isn’t going anywhere. With so man iterations from Ultra and Utility to Tech Fleece, there’s no wonder that this remains and go-to in the rotation. Deep burgundy and other neutral earth tones are A1 for fall colorways.


4. Under Armour 24/7

Sun up to sun down. UA set out to make a shoe for all occasions and that’s what they’ve done here. They’re lightweight, sleek, and easy to dress. The Charged midsole offers plush cushioning for all day comfort. With a mid and low top version, they’re sure to be a hit in your collection.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 6.25.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 6.25.55 PM
????: @modernnotoriety 

5. Timberland Field Boot and 6 Inch Classic Boots

Can’t have fall without Timbs. Solid craftsmanship makes this a high quality, everlasting boot. Waterproof for winter and versatile for every style. Every sneaker collection has to have a go-to boot and these are it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.53.10 AMScreen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.53.31 AM

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