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Three things are a foregone conclusion during a summer vacation: You eat too much, you work out too little, and you have way too much fun. Luckily, I’m all about indulging in some delicious food and good times, but even on vacation I like to make exercise a priority … Seriously though, who wants to schlep weights around on a vacation? (Even I have my limits!)

Recently, my husband and I escaped for a long weekend in upstate New York since we have both been swamped with work during the first half of our pregnancy. We stayed at the Inn at Stony Creek in Warwick, N.Y., which was an absolutely amazing experience — the breakfast made with eggs from their own chickens was maybe the best thing I’ve ever eaten. And, with approximately ten acres of space all to ourselves, my husband and I decided to make the outdoors our gym.

Fortunately, I was prepared with my No Equipment Needed workout. Not only is it a perfect quick sweat session for all of your summer vacations, but it is also what my CrossFit instructors like to affectionately call a “Heart Attack” workout. In other words, it will burn off those extra calories we are all sure to be eating while away (hello, second helping of breakfast). As a bonus, this total body workout can be done anywhere since it requires limited space and no equipment; whether you’re off to the shore or a staycation is more your speed, you’ll be set.

CrossFit Diaries: No Equipment Needed

Montana is wearing Nike’s Air Max Thea Print Running Shoes in White/Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum.

1. The workout begins with air squats, which are just squats using no weights. Some common mistakes I see with this movement to watch out for is squatting too high/too low and leaning forward too far. I like to think about sitting down in a chair when I squat to try and keep my back as straight as possible and make sure my knees don’t extend past my toes.

2. Push ups are a classic move that work your entire upper body as well as your core. I sometimes switch it up by doing this movement on either an incline (if I want to make it easier) or a decline (to really challenge myself), which you can do by finding a bench, curb, or even a chair!

3. For skaters, start with your feet hip-width apart and hop to the right landing on your right foot and sweeping your left foot diagonally behind you. Simultaneously, swing your arms across your body. Repeat the movement to the left. Each hop counts as one, so 20 skaters equals 10 to the right and 10 to the left. Think: Apolo Ohno.

4. Dips look deceptively easy, but are a highly effective move for targeting your triceps. I like to use a bench or chair and slowly lower myself down for a count of three. Then, I try to explode up as fast as a can. The technical term for this type of explosive movement is Compensatory Acceleration Training, which seems complicated, but it really just means that it helps builds Type IIB muscle fibers, i.e. lean muscle mass. The closer your legs are to your body, the easier this move will be, so for a challenge try extending your legs straight out in front of you.

5. Split jumps are really just baby lunges … evil baby lunges that require you to jump and switch your legs in the air. Not only do they burn like hell, but they also get the heart rate going like crazy. I apologize in advance.

* Remember, always consult with your doctor before beginning a workout regimen, especially when pregnant.

Photos: @SportsAngle

New Balance Luau Collection

New Balance Luau Collection

Break out the pineapple, roasted pig, and Mai Tai cocktails, because you will be ready for a Hawaiian party with New Balance’s Luau Collection in both Women’s and Men’s styles. But, even if jetting to the islands is not in your budget, these shoes will bring the spirit to you at a price that won’t break the bank. In fact, at under $85, you can sport this festive style at all your summer barbecues and be the envy of your friends for less than it costs to park in New York City.

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The Men’s New Balance 574 Luau Casual Shoes are the perfect combination of comfort and style, with just enough of the tropical floral pattern on the lining to completely update the classic retro look. Finish Line has these great new kicks in Navy, Grey and Navy (which sports hints of orange), and Blue and Black.

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But, don’t worry ladies, New Balance has plenty of love for you too in their Luau collection, with three fresh options in Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue and Yellow. Each choice sports vibrant colors that are sure to get you noticed and dashes of an adorable tropical inspired floral print. 

Regardless of the option you choose, we particularly love that New Balance took risks with their color pairings, bringing you unexpected pops perfect for summer. The updates to this classic shoe give you the best of both worlds – the incredibly comfortable design New Balance is known for due to its EVA foam midsole, and a pattern that will turn heads. Plus, if you’re one of those couples – like my husband and I – you can even buy coordinating pairs. So, whether you’re off to the Big Island or just a backyard bash, Finish Line has you set!

The New Balance Luau Collection is available now at FinishLine.com.

Under Armour Apparel Pairing

Whether you want pops of pink, a teal top, or just a flash of floral, Finish Line has you covered with their new tanks, shorts, and sandal pairings available now online. 

Nike Apparel Pairing

Finish Line’s selection of sandals are perfect for throwing on at the pool or after a workout, but we think they are also cute enough to kick up your favorite summer outfits. The Nike Benassi Just Do It Women’s Slide combines a bold leopard print design with the comfort you want, attributable to its Phylon midsole/outsole and textured footbed. Your tired feet would also thank you for the Women’s Under Armour Micro G Slide Sandals, which feature a 4D foot-cradling foam and cushy Micro G outsole, giving these shoes a plush feel.

Under Armour Shoes/Tank Combo

These flawless fits from Nike and Under Armour highlight that it’s not just what’s on your feet this summer. All of Finish Line’s workout tanks seamlessly go from gym to the street, pulling double-duty and looking fresh along the way.

Nike Floral Apparel Pairing

And, we’d definitely be remiss if we didn’t mention Under Armour’s HeatGear Alpha Printed Compression Shorty Shorts, which are just too cute for words — but we’ll try anyway! These shorts, pictured below in Pink Shock, boast a stylish herringbone pattern and exposed waistband. However, it’s the functionality that will really win you over, with a 4-way stretch and Moisture Transport System, keeping you cool and collected even during your hardest workouts.

Under Armour Apparel Pairing

But, why stop at clothes and shoes? A favorite feature of these outfit pairings is the Nike Graphic Reversible Tote Bag, giving you two accessories in one. In the Light Aqua, Black and Purple version, one side has the iconic Nike logo in mesh, while the second side features an adorable strip pattern.

Nike Bag/Shoes Combo

Check out the new tank, shorts, and sandal pairings at FinishLine.com.

Women's Nike Windblur Pack

Women's Nike Windblur Pack

There are several fashion trends that seem to never go out of style – a little black dress, the perfect pair of denim, and of course animal print. Luckily, we have you set on the last one with the new Nike Windblur Pack of shoes, featuring one of this season’s hottest patterns, zebra stripes. That said, leave it to Nike to elevate the classic zebra stripe and transform it into an amazing abstract pattern, making these shoes guaranteed to get you second looks! 

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The Women’s Nike Free Viritous Print Running Shoe completely transforms your expectations of a black and white sneaker. It takes what you already love about the Nike Free – its lightweight, barefoot-like feel – and raises the bar with an amazing ultra-supportive design, attributable to its attractive Flywire lacing system and inner bootie. 

And, with the zebra thumbprint pattern being featured mainly on the heel section, the phrase “business in the front, party in the back” comes to mind, minus, of course, the unfortunate 1990’s hairstyle. This will definitely be a shoe that you’ll want to wear long past your weekend sweat session!

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The Nike Juvenate Print has everything you want in a casual summer shoe – style, comfort, and breathability! (We’ve already raved about the solid version, here.) Your feet will thank you for the extra-comfortable foam midsole of this shoe, and your wallet will thank you for its price tag at under $90 – a total win-win. 

We’re also huge fans of the seamless, no-tongue design of the fully collapsible upper, which makes this the perfect shoe for wearing without socks and packing in your vacation bags! Even better, it is available in both Black/White and White/Light Aqua/Black; so whether you want a classic look or a pop of color, they have you covered. And, seriously, who doesn’t love options? 

The Nike Windblur Pack is available now on FinishLine.com.

Women's New Balance 620

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Fun Fact: New Balance has been around since 1906, and before they started making shoes, they made arch supports inspired by observing a chicken’s foot. Seriously, we’re not pulling your leg.

Flash forward to the 21st Century, and New Balance is not only known for their highly-technical running shoes, but also their killer retro style. The New Balance 620 Casual Shoe has taken the fundamentals this company has perfected over the last 109 years, and has incorporated the best of the best updates, including its amazing lightweight cushioning. The sneaker also features a mesh and suede upper, which balances the luxury feel and breathability. So practically, what does this mean for you? Whether you’re walking across the amusement park for the next ride or just running errands, the New Balance 620 Casual Shoe is perfect!

Putting comfort aside for a moment, New Balance has taken the sleek retro look that we all have come to love and updated with some stellar modern touches — like the fun geometric pattern on the tongue, which adds a surprising pop! These shoes also have unexpected flashes of color that take your classic New Balance design to the next level and make it a super-cute shoe for summer.

Specifically, the Electric Blue option pairs the peach/pink tongue and pull tab with pale yellow laces and accents on the outsole. (These are definitely our choice if you’re looking for a dash of color this season.) The Black/White version sports sea foam green accents, and the Steel choice — probably the most versatile — has elements of gray blue with the New Balance logo on the pull tab in purple!

The New Balance 620 Casual Shoe is pictured above in Electric Blue, Black/White, and Steel. Also check it out in Teal on the Finish Line site.

The New Balance 620 Casual Shoe is available now on FinishLine.com.

Montana Horowitz

Fifteen minutes. It’s not even long enough to catch up on your favorite TV show, drive to the gym, or do a load of dishes, especially if you’re my husband. But if you want to make the same 15 minutes feel like an eternity? Try an AMRAP workout. 

AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible, and is a common workout used at CrossFit gyms throughout the world. I’m a fan, because it’s a great way to challenge yourself and get a killer workout in about the same time it takes you to check your e-mail. 

They are perfect workouts for CrossFit beginners and longtime enthusiasts alike, because they work for every level; as your fitness increases, so will your speed and your ability to get in a few extra reps. They are also a fun and easy method for measuring your progress. I recommend doing this workout once, writing down your totals, and then repeating it in a few weeks to see how you improved.

AMRAP Collage

Montana is wearing the new Nike Ombre Workout Tank. Check your local Finish Line for availability!

1. The workout begins with Goblet Squats, which are a variation of the classic squat using a kettlebell or dumbbell. Hold the kettlebell on either side of the handle in front of your chest below your chin throughout the movement. This not only works your bottom half, but also your biceps and arms from holding the weight static during the squat.

2. Snatches can also be done with either a kettlebell or dumbbell, beginning with the weight in one hand hanging down between your knees. The goal is to bring the weight up your body and over your head in one fluid movement.

3. Push Ups are great for both upper body conditioning and core strength. If you are not able to do a standard push up yet, don’t worry, there are plenty of variations to choose from until you are ready. I recommend trying push ups performed on the knees and even push ups on an incline. Do you have the opposite problem and standard push ups are too easy for you? Try doing them on a decline with your feet up on a block to increase the difficulty and really break a sweat!

4. Lateral Mountain Climbers seem easy, but I promise you’ll feel them the next day. Start with your hands in a push up position with your right leg extended and left knee bent in. Next, kick your left leg out to the extended position, bringing your right leg in to a bent position. Repeat until you get to 30.

5. Lunges basically work your entire bottom half — your Glutes, Calves, Quadriceps, and Hamstrings — so you know it will kick your butt (literally) into gear for the summer! Alternate lunging forward with your right and then left leg, making sure that your front knee does not extend past your ankle to avoid injury. 

* Remember, always consult with your doctor before beginning a workout regimen, especially when pregnant.

Photos: @SportsAngle

Women's Nike Zenji

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The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up a pair of Nike’s Juvenates is that they are light as a feather. (Seriously, we recommend giving them a quick toss in the air to fully appreciate their weight!) The next thing you’re likely to observe is the fact that there’s no tongue, which makes these shoes easy to slip on and superior for sockless wear.

You’ll also find the Juvenates feature a fully collapsible honeycomb-shaped pad upper, which hits the perfect trifecta of what you need for summer footwear. Technically, this adds extra comfort to the shoe and fantastic breathability. Practically, this makes it the ideal shoe to pack for your summer getaway since it saves much needed space in your carry-ons. And, let’s be honest, we love that the honeycomb pattern makes this shoe look super-cute for summer!

Another favorite feature of this shoe is one that is easily overlooked — the waffle traction pattern of the outsole. These little pyramid cushions (definitely not a technical term) provide both traction and cushion. So whether you’re looking for some extra pep in your step at your next Zumba class, or a shoe that you can wear happily all day, the Juvenates are a great choice.

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The Nike Juvenates are pictured above in White/Pure Platinum and Hot Lava/Bright Crimson/White. But also, don’t miss out on the Juventate prints at FinishLine.com in Black/White and White/Light Aqua/Black. With so many options and a price tag under $90, this is the perfect shoe to stock up on for summer!

The Women’s Nike Juvenates is available now on FinishLine.com.

Nike Roshe One Flyknit

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We’re not sure you can get any more “spring” than these new Women’s Nike Roshe One Flyknits, featured here in one of the hottest colors of the season.

You probably already think of the Roshe as synonymous with comfort, but updating it with Flyknit takes this classic shoe to the next level. Even more stunning in person (which says a lot), once you get your hands on these beauties you will truly appreciate their lightweight feel and the intricate weaving of the Flyknit material.

But the woven upper is not only attractive, it also provides great breathability. And we all know, during the summer breathability is key — especially for a shoe like the Roshe that you’ll wear time and time again.

So whether you’re wearing them running around town or just running your next errand, the Nike Roshe One Flyknits will keep you cool and comfortable in style!

The Women’s Nike Roshe One Flyknits, are available now on FinishLine.com.

Photos: @vanessasoto_14