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2017 adidas looks

All adidas everything, and we’re not mad about it. From the streets to the studio and every occasion in between, celebrities and fashion know-it-alls are turning to the brand with the latest and greatest. Everything from Boost, Gazelle and Tubular styles are making waves. Whether you’re about this brand or not, these top looks will have you thinking twice about your street style rotation and if it needs more adidas love.

Kanye West

#SoleWatch: @kanyewest wearing the Adidas Originals Gazelle.

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Yeezy, Yeezy, how you doin’, huh? We know Ye can hit us with something fancy, now more than ever, we’re seeing his cozy street style side. Kanye stepped out in the adidas Gazelle earlier this month showing off his never ending adidas Originals collection.

Aleali May

Although stylist and fashion blogger, Aleali May makes everything look super fly, her adidas Originals style is as effortless as it gets. From her adidas cropped hoodie to the adidas Tubular sneaks, this look is comfy, casual and on point with athleisure fashion.


❤️❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺 @adidas

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We’re G-double O-D, G.O.O.D. Like Kanye, Desiigner is a part of G.O.O.D. music and he’s also a brand ambassador for Three Stripes. He’s rockin’ another Originals essential in the adidas Pro Model.

Lady Gaga


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Lounging and living in the moment, Lady Gaga is sporting the latest Ultra Boost X by adidas. Hot off the Super Bowl Halftime stage and Grammy’s Red Carpet, this superstar is on fire and so is her choice of athleisure style.

Steve Aoki


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Ayyy. Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki know what’s up. They’ve got the best of both Three Stripes world with Originals and Performance. Lace up in the Superstar for classic style and then switch it up to the Ultra Boost Uncaged for premium performance. 

Karlie Kloss


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Women are loving the convenience of transitioning from their workout style to street style. Karlie Kloss is no stranger to adidas and represents both the performance and athleisure moments very well in her adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged. She could be casually walking the streets or she could have come from a killer workout, either way, it’s style we can relate to.

Von Miller

"I don't need love, I'm the 🐐" @adidasfballus

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Von Miller flexin’ his Three Stripes steeze in the ‘Solar Red’ Ultra Boost. Looks like he’s got cleats for every occasion now. #goals


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We can’t help but love Karrueche. Whether she’s glammed up or reppin’ #teamcozy, this girl knows what’s up. We’re all about this laidback adidas Gazelle look. Oversized hoodies and joggers are very welcomed in the world of athleisure.

The year just started and we’re already seeing a strong start from adidas with celeb style. Great things are sure to come. Show us your #boosted style by stuntin’ on the ‘Gram and tagging @finishline or @finishlinewomen and you may get featured in our weekly blog post for some social media glory. ///

By Drew Hammell


In the last 20 years, sneaker collecting has become a popular hobby and a passion for many. As far as collectors go, Marvin Barias is widely known as one of the greats. With over 300 pairs, Marvin takes his passion seriously, to say the least.

Marvin grew up in Chicago’s South Side, and spent his childhood riding bikes and playing Nerf football with friends. He wasn’t much of a sports fan until Michael Jordan and the Bulls started winning championships in the ‘90s. Unfortunately, Marvin had to leave his friends behind, as his family moved to Southern California in the midst of the Bulls’ six championships.

To cope with the transition to the West Coast, Marvin found peace in collecting basketball cards and anything Jordan-related. “I began to become obsessed. From McDonald’s collector cups to Champion replica jerseys, I collected it all,” he recalled.

@mjo23dan Shoe Collection 1

It wasn’t until 1995 that Marvin fell in love with Air Jordan sneakers. During a game versus the Orlando Magic in the playoffs, TV sideline reporter Ahmad Rashad was talking about Michael Jordan being fined for wearing a sneaker that didn’t match the rest of the players’ shoes. Marvin mentioned, “The cameraman panned down to Rashad’s feet, and I lost it. I absolutely lost it. I had never seen a shoe I wanted so badly. I made sure that if they ever released, I’d have the money ready to purchase them.” That shoe was the Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’.

When the XIs released, Marvin had saved up enough money to purchase his first pair of Jordans at the age of fifteen. From then on, he kept up with Air Jordan releases and built his collection up year after year. “Because I had taught myself patience in maintaining a pristine card collection, it a natural transition to sneakers.”

@mjo23dan Shoe Collection 3

Today, Marvin is 36 and resides in Northern California. He’s been married for ten years, and is a stay-at-home dad with two daughters. “I used to think the hobby of sneakers would diminish once you start a family, but it hasn’t. My girls aren’t into sneakers, so I stay selfish when it comes to the hobby,” he joked. “I understand diapers, food and other expenses play a significant role, so you definitely have to micromanage.” Aside from taking care of his family, Marvin is also a contributor for Sole Collector and Complex.

In the sneaker social media world, Marvin is a well-respected authority. He currently has over 18,000 followers on Instagram, and over 20,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. “I’m looking to create long-lasting relationships with my following, and perhaps create opportunities to work with brands that support my position in the culture.”

@mjo23dan Shoe Collection 2

Marvin is also a founding member of the OG Support Group on Instagram, an account that focuses solely on sharing the history and nostalgia of sneaker culture. On top of that, he created a petition to bring back the Nike Air Ship. “It’s a shoe that many people may just pass up if they don’t know Jordan’s rich sneaker lineage. That shoe is the reason the Air Jordan 1 rose to popularity with the ‘Banned’ statement.” “The petition is nearing 500 signatures worldwide, but it has a long way to go. I’m hoping the news continues to spread.”

As far as the future of sneaker culture, Marvin is optimistic. “I feel the culture continues to evolve. Tastes and products change constantly, but I can see the shift moving towards performance and lifestyle footwear. I think people still want their classics, just like the Chucks are with Converse. I think sneakers like the Air Jordan 1s will live forever.”

And if collectors are looking for any other Jordan in the future, they can be sure Marvin will own a pair. Just don’t ask if they’re for sale.

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By Drew Hammell

On February 9th, 1991, the NBA hosted the Slam Dunk Contest in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event featured eight players in the primes of their careers: Kenny Smith, Blue Edwards, Rex Chapman, Otis Smith, Kenny Williams, Kendall Gill, Shawn Kemp, and Dee Brown.

At 6’1”, the Celtics’ rookie point guard displayed some serious leaping ability with an array of spectacular dunks. Even though Seattle’s Shawn Kemp showed off some difficult dunks throughout the contest, it was Brown’s creativity that would earn him the win. Before each dunk, Brown bent down to pump up his flashy new kicks, which helped win the crowd over. His final jam, the “No-See Dee,” became an iconic image from the event.

Brown’s ability to soar to unimaginable heights was the inspiration for the Reebok Omni Zone Pump ad campaign in New York City. In the commercial, Brown attempts the “King Kong Dunk,” in which a rim was perilously mounted high atop the Empire State Building in Midtown, Manhattan. With three quick pumps of his sneakers, Brown was able to rise up and conquer the tower (actual dunk not shown).

The Pump would go down as one of Reebok’s greatest contributions to the sneaker world – a technology that other major brands would attempt to imitate. Not only did the orange basketball-shaped Pump look cool, the technology actually kept the foot snugger inside the shoe. Nike and LA Gear would implement similar technologies in some of their sneakers, but none were as aesthetically pleasing or marketed quite like Reebok’s.

As for Dee Brown, he would go on to play in the NBA until 2002. He spent eight years with the Celtics, two with the Raptors, and two with the Magic. He is currently in charge of Player Programs for the LA Clippers.

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By Drew Hammell

20 years ago, two NBA stars were rising in Minnesota – Kevin Maurice Garnett and Stephon Xavier Marbury. “KG” and “Starbury,” as they were known around the league. Garnett was a 6’11” power forward/center from Greenville, South Carolina (but mostly known for his high school play in Chicago). Marbury was a 6’2” point guard from Brooklyn, New York. Garnett and Marbury seemed to be opposites in many respects, but the two became friends even before they entered the NBA, and that friendship influenced their lives forever.


Kevin Garnett was raised in South Carolina and attended Maudlin High School for his three years. He would become a star, but during the summer before his senior year, he was arrested for allegedly being involved in a fight. He then transferred to Farragut Academy in Chicago and declared for the NBA draft in 1995 – the first player to do so straight out of high school in 20 years.

Starbury 1

Stephon Marbury grew up in Brooklyn and was already well known in the amateur ranks by 6th grade. He was a legend at Abraham Lincoln High School in Coney Island, and went on to play at Georgia Tech for one season before declaring for the NBA Draft himself – a year after Garnett.

Stanbury and KG 1

Garnett and Marbury knew each other before they ever became teammates in Minnesota. They were friends since their high school days – the first time they played together in a pickup game in Chicago there was instant chemistry. Once Garnett was off to the Timberwolves in ‘95, he kept pestering VP of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale to watch Marbury and go after him in the draft if he was available.

In 1996, McHale would listen to Garnett and trade up to get Marbury from the Milwaukee Bucks. The player Minnesota traded to get Marbury was Ray Allen. This was also the same draft where Kobe Bryant was drafted 13th by the Hornets (who traded him to the Lakers), and Steve Nash was picked 15th by the Suns.

Garnett and Marbury would gel together at first in Minnesota, but they never made it close to winning a championship. After Garnett was rewarded with a blockbuster deal in 1997, Marbury’s agent David Falk demanded a trade, since Marbury didn’t get the same kind of money as Garnett. Marbury ended up going back to the East Coast to the New Jersey Nets in a three-way trade that sent Terrell Brandon to Minnesota and Sam Cassell to Milwaukee.

Marbury 2

Garnett would stay in Minnesota all the way until 2007, when he was traded to the Boston Celtics for Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff, cash considerations, Boston’s 2009 protected first-round pick, and another 2009 pick.

The two players’ careers ended much differently than they began. Garnett would go on to have one of the greatest careers in NBA history and win a title with the Celtics in 2008. KG and Starbury would actually be reunited for a short time when Marbury joined the Celtcs in 2009, but he then went off to play in China shortly thereafter.

Marbury 1

Today, Garnett hosts a segment called Area 21 on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Stephon Marbury had so much success during his stint in China that he applied and received his green card and currently resides there. The two stars ended up on very different paths, but their chemistry on the court back in the ‘90s helped shape them into the legends they are today.

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By Drew Hammell

“The Kid from Akron.” LeBron James uses that hashtag frequently when he posts on social media. No place means more to him than the fifth-largest city in the state of Ohio. Perhaps more so than any other great athlete, James wants people to know where he came from.

LeBron’s mother was only 16 when he was born, and he never met his father. James and his mother moved from one broken-down home to the next throughout his childhood. Because they were always moving, he learned never to get too comfortable and adjust to different circumstances, no matter how tough they were. Life was not easy for The King growing up in the Rubber City – “Just keep on moving,” would become his mantra.

During his time in Akron, James built life-long bonds with three friends – Little Dru, Sian, and Willie. In middle school, they would tour half the country competing in AAU basketball tournaments and building a dynamic team chemistry. Heading into high school, LeBron, Little Dru, Sian and Willie all decided to attend a predominantly white Catholic school called St. Vincent-St. Mary instead of the local public school, Buchtel High.

This decision created plenty of drama, and a large portion of the Akron population turned against LeBron. It was somewhat similar to his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in favor of the Miami Heat eleven years later. The choice to play for St. V would prove to be a successful one, though, as James and his friends would go on to win three state championships and a national title.

The fact that James played for years with friends who became like brothers explains why Akron is so important. Even though Akronites initially weren’t pleased with his decision to play for St V instead of Buchtel, James and his teammates helped put Akron back on the map. A once-proud city that fell into decay, Akron can again boast that it is flourishing. James, perhaps more than anyone else, can be credited for this transformation.

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TBT: Prestos For Everyone

By Drew Hammell

In 2016, the Nike Air Presto took the sneaker world by storm. There were classic Prestos. Premium Prestos with stretch leather and intricate patterns. Prestos with a woven upper.  A mid-cut Presto with Flyknit technology. Prestos with colorful graphic prints. All-black Prestos. All-white Prestos. Prestos for the Olympics. Prestos for the rain and snow. And Presto collabs with high-end designers.

The Presto model itself is nothing new, however. The shoe first hit shelves in 2000 – a running sneaker ahead of its time in a lot of ways. For one thing, the Presto didn’t come in traditional number shoe sizes. It came in XXS through XL, and was branded as “a tee shirt for the feet.”

Technologically, the sneaker was also advanced. It was minimalist in nature, with a sock-like fit. It featured a full-length Phylon midsole with an encapsulated heel Air-Sole unit and expanding arch for a variable fit.

The original Presto marketing campaign was colorful and creative. There were twelve different ads for twelve different colorways of the sneaker, each with a cartoon character representing a matching Presto.

Since the general public was enamored with Air Max technology in 2000, the Prestos represented a dramatic shift away from the norm, and therefore took some time to get used to. The “shirt sizes” were too broad for some people – a size M may have been too snug, while a size L left too much room in the forefoot area.

In the last 15 years, however, running culture has changed quite a bit. Minimalism is popular, as are retro sneakers. The public was ready for the return of the Presto. Nike switched the shoe to traditional number shoe sizes, which helped those who may be in between the small/medium/large “tee shirt” sizes. The upgrades in materials and styles also helped. With so many colors and models to choose from, there really is a Presto for everyone.

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adidas AlphaBounce Event

adidas is on a roll with their AlphaBounce shoe and just recently released a new version with an engineered mesh upper. With the first version being a hit, we can expect the same for the second release. Finish Line and adidas are holding an event at select stores to give you an up close and one of a kind experience with their new AlphaBounce sneaker. Come in and try on the new sneaker, get your name in the drawing to win a YEAR of FREE AlphaBounce, customize a pair of socks with any image you choose and get a free gift with purchase! You won’t want to miss out!

Water Tower Place.

Friday December 9th from 4:15PM – 6:15PM.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 8.59.45 AM

The highly anticipated release for the Air Jordan Retro 11 ‘Space Jam’ is finally here. We will be doing in-store raffles and an online release of this super clean retro, so to find out the best way to snag your pair you will want to check out the store raffle info below. If you’re not sure if your local store is going to have them then you can check our Launch Locator on the website to find your closest store that will have them.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the important details and read the in-store raffle procedure.

In-Store Raffle Details



On Tuesday 12/6 select stores will be passing out a limited number of tickets for a chance to purchase the shoes on 12/10. To obtain a ticket, you must show a valid photo ID. Each participant will be limited to one ticket, while they last. On your ticket you must include: your full name, shoe size, and telephone number.


Tickets will be drawn at random. In the event your ticket is drawn, Finish Line will make one (1) attempt to contact you, at the phone number you provided by 5 PM local time on Thursday 12/8, to notify you of your successful participation in the Finish Line New Release Drawing and opportunity to purchase. If you do not answer and we are unable to leave a voicemail, you are forfeiting your participation in the Finish Line New Release Drawing.

If you have not been called by 5 PM local time on Thursday 12/8, your ticket has not been drawn.

PURCHASE THE Air Jordan Retro 11 ‘Space Jam’

If your ticket is drawn and you have been contacted, you may redeem your ticket from 8 AM local time to 10 AM local time on the day of the launch 12/10. If you do not arrive with your ticket and valid ID by 10 AM local time, the ticket is no longer valid. You must bring your ticket stub and a valid photo ID that matches the name on the submitted entry in order to purchase the shoe.

Limit one entry per person. Multiple entries with multiple size and location preferences will be disqualified. Only a select number of tickets will be available in each store for each release. Ticket availability is not guaranteed. Once submitted, the entry is final and no change of any kind may be made. Entries are non-transferable. The name submitted on the Finish Line New Release Drawing ticket must match a valid photo ID, to be presented at the time of purchase. Finish Line makes no guarantees regarding product or size availability. Finish Line reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or change the New Release Drawing at any time, for any reason. No purchase necessary to enter.