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For decades Nike has been leaders in creation and innovation. The brand constantly pushes the boundary on style and never rest on their laurels. That dedication to innovation forced them to think outside of the box for their latest release. The question was asked “how big is too big?’’ The Nike Air Max 720 is answer to that question. A followup to the Air Max 270, this new model boasts the Nike Air nit and capitalizes on the large bulbous sole that has become popular again.

The Air Max 720 might be departure from what Air Max traditionalists are used to, but the move was made in conscious. Speaking to Sole Collector, lead Air Max Designer Dylan Raasch said: “we’re cognizant of [their criticisms], but we want to go to a new space.” While not traditional, the 720 does include some classic Nike DNA. In that same interview Raasch added: “there’s a little bit of ‘97 and the ‘95. We use it tastefully but go somewhere new so it doesn’t offend anyone.”

Wanting to inspire today’s youth, colorways for the 720 are bright and feature an almost ‘chameleon-esque’ finish. The effect was inspired by the Northern Lights and various other elements from nature.

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Rethought. Recoded. Reboosted. The adidas UltraBOOST 19 is the most responsive offering from adidas to date. adidas designers and developers worked with thousands of runners across the globe to completely revamp the famed running shoe. Lighter. Faster. This new design went from 17 pieces to 4 for a performance-driven, game-changing running experience.

The first component is the Primeknit upper, which wraps your foot for an engineered fit and 360 degrees of targeted support. Second, you have the 3D heel frame. The heel counter allows for a natural fit and optimal movement of the achilles. Next is the torsion spring. Integrated in the midsole, the torsion spring provides support through your strides. The fourth and final piece is the BOOST midsole. As mentioned before, the midsole has been reworked to be the most responsive adidas shoe ever. With the new midsole, the possibilities are endless: The more energy you give, the more you get.

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Puma sent waves through the hoops world last year, by returning to the basketball footwear game. The brand came out of the gates strong scooping up a solid stable of stars (DeMarcus Cousins, Terry Rozier III, Marvin Bagley, DeAndre Ayton, among others) and introducing their first model, the Clyde Court Disrupt. Since that time, anticipation for Puma’s second offering has been building. Dubbed the Uproar Hybrid Court, bridges the gap between the disruptive style of the ‘90s and the tech-centric style of today. The model boasts a mesh upper, synthetic overlays, dynamic lacing and NRGY cushioning. The first offering of the sneaker is All-Star approved. As it pays respect to the event’s host city, Charlotte, and the NBA franchises that have called the city home (Bobcats and Hornets). Both shoes feature an upper that fades from dark blue to teal, while orange accents grace the left shoe (Bobcats) and purple accents grace the right shoe (Hornets).

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One of the few things that every basketball player has in common with one another is that they all lace up their shoes before each game. Nike is flipping the script on that theory, with the introduction of their auto-lacing sneakers, the Adapt BB.

Working to achieve the ‘perfect fit,’ the Adapt BB replaces the traditional lacing system with an ‘intricate series of cables, controlled by slide-touch bars on syncing phone app or two toggle buttons on the side of the shoe.’ When a wearer steps into the shoe, the technology senses tension and provides varying degrees of support depending on the needs of its wearer. Like an automatic car seat, the settings for the shoe can be stored (by manual touch or through the Nike Adapt App). Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum debuted the shoe against the Toronto Raptors a few weeks back. He described the experience to ESPN: ‘it [Adapt BB] looked better than I thought it would, and it felt great — that was most important.’

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Respect is earned, never given. With the help of his parents, NBA Star Zach Lavine realized that from a young age. His dad nailed a basketball hoop up in their basement and the rest was history. From that moment forward, Lavine has been in pursuit of respect. Growing up, bouncing court to court, Lavine would log and chart all the shots he’d put up. 400 shots here, 500 shots there, another 600 here. Lavine filled up five or six notebooks, each being a reminder of all the hard work he put in. Bad games, fatigue and injuries never held Lavine back either. Instead they stoked his flame and pushed him to work harder and come back better. That mindset circles back to the wise words his parents gave him as a youth: “I never told you it’d be easy, I told you it’d be worth it.”

Lavine is bringing his hard work and determination to the latest drop from adidas. The first of its kind from adi, the N3XT L3V3L (next level) is the future of basketball. Immediately you’ll notice the laceless Primeknit upper, the design allows for an engineered fit that targets support and enhances movement. On the lateral side of the shoe is a TPU banking barrier which allows you to change direction and move with fearless speed. The Lighstrike foam midsole offers soft, resilient cushioning and is paired with a Herringbone-patterned outsole.

Despite a long list of accolades (Two-time Dunk Champion, Rising Stars Game MVP, Second All-Rookie), Zach Lavine wants to be known as more than a basketball player. Knowing that the ball stops bouncing for everyone eventually, he wants to known for the type of person he is off the court. Lavine is striving to be the kind of role model that he looked up to when he was a kid. He knows he’ll never be perfect, but that doesn’t meant he can’t strive for it.

When he’s not on the court Lavine is continuing his pursuit of respect in the adidas UltraBOOST 1.0 Knit. Available exclusively at Finish Line, the standout model comes dressed in black with ‘Active Purple’ underlays and contrasting hits of ‘Shock Red’ (tongue & suede heel). The responsive black BOOST midsole completes this look.


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Dominating on both ends of the court, Paul George is in the midst of a career year. His stellar play has him in the conversation for both MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. As George has reached new levels of efficiency on-court he wants the same for signature line. Asking Nike Footwear Designer Tony Hardman to make the PG3 faster. That’s asking what Hardman did, removing all unnecessary layers from the shoe. Instead focusing on three core principles. Traction (better grip, both ways), Fit (sleek and seamless), Weight (lighter, faster, softer). The three principles reflect George’s change in play since joining the Oklahoma City Thunder. This latest colorway comes subtly dressed in black with a white midsole. It’s all complemented by an ice blue sole.

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Since he was 16 years old, Justin Timberlake has been a musical staple. His distinct sound and beautiful falsetto have helped define a generation. From *NSYNC to his most recent Man of the Woods era, JT has supplied us with an extensive catalog of hits. While he’s still got so much to offer, with today being his birthday it feels like the perfect time to take a look back. In celebration of his 38th birthday, join us as we take a familiar plunge down Spotify lane and take a retrospective look at JT’s sensational body of work.




A proper look at JT’s career has to start with his time in *NSYNC. Today, the group’s debut, self-titled album is full of hits. That wasn’t the case when it was initially released in 1997. Before it achieved success domestically, the album was exclusively available overseas. Because of that *NSYNC spent much of 1997 and 1998 away from the U.S., touring in Germany and Eastern Europe. Released domestically in 1998, their debut album sold meagerly until *NSYNC performed on the worldwide broadcast of Disney’s Summer Concert that year. From that point forward, a rocket ship was attached to the group. Along with friend and former Mouseketeer JC Chasez, Timberlake would provide all lead vocals for the album. The duo’s voices played well off one another and laid the framework for what could be expected from the group. *NSYNC would reach #2 on the Billboard 200 and would go on to be the fifth best selling album of that year (4.4 million copies sold).

Standout Tracks: Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy), For the Girl Who Has Everything, Tearin’ Up My Heart, I Want You Back


No Strings Attached


Free from legalities and finally separated from their original label, RCA Records, *NSYNC’s second album was aptly titled, No Strings Attached. In an attempt to distinguish their sound from other popular boy bands, the group drew inspo from the realm of pop and R&B. Working with the likes of Teddy Riley, Kevin Briggs and Babyface helped them achieve that goal. Tracks like “Bye, Bye, Bye,” “This I Promise You” and “It’s Gonna Be Me” gained mainstream attention and were radio constants. No Strings Attached, would mark Timberlake’s first soiree into the role of writer and producer, as he worked extensively on the track “I’ll Be Good For You.” His love for the likes of Al Green, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye shined through and gave the track a real old-school groove. That one track showed off JT’s potential and displayed what could be expected of him if he ever decided to release a solo project. No Strings Attached debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and sold 2.4 million copies in its first week, which was a record for one-week album sales. A record that stood for 15 years until the release of Adele’s third studio album, 25, in 2015.

Standout Tracks: I’ll Be Good For You, I Thought She Knew, Digital Get Down, It Makes Ill




Eager to shed themselves of the stereotypical boy-band sound and image that still plagued them, *NSYNC brought a varied effort to the table for their third and final studio album, Celebrity. Timberlake and Chasez took on a larger portion of the writing and producing, establishing themselves as credible stars at both. Further breaking out of the boy-band box, Celebrity is a grittier, more mature effort than No Strings Attached. Tracks like “Girlfriend,” “Gone,” “See Right Through You” and “Pop” showed the group’s evolution and put them light years ahead of similar acts. Like their second album, Celebrity debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. It would sell 1.8 million copies in its first week, which gave *NSYNC the first and second spots on the record for one-week album sales, at the time.

Standout Tracks: Girlfriend, Gone, Just Don’t Tell Me That, Up Against the Wall




As mentioned before, Timberlake began to take on more musical responsibility within *NSYNC, that experience prepared him for his first solo project, Justified. Largely R&B, the album also draws inspiration from elements of funk and soul. Working with the likes of The Neptunes, Timbaland, The Underdogs and Brian Mcknight, Justified was inspired by the old-school, rhythmic sounds you’d hear from the likes of Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire. Written and recorded during an *NSYNC hiatus, the project was familiar yet totally new and exciting. You could feel the inspiration from yesteryear but it was intertwined with a certain modern funk that made it all its own. Tracks like “Cry Me A River,” “Like I Love You,” “Rock Your Body” and “Senorita,” cemented Timberlake’s status as a bonafide star and ensured that his debut album wouldn’t be his last. For his efforts Timberlake was nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.

Standout Tracks: Like I Love You, Cry Me A River, Still On My Brain, Never Again


FutureSex / LoveSounds


Feeling a tad burnt out and lacking a true vision of where he wanted to take his music, Timberlake stepped away for a bit to recharge his batteries. It wasn’t until 2005, that the ‘sad-state’ of pop music gave JT his direction. Working almost exclusively with Timbaland, “Cry Me River” (their first track together) served as the barometer for which the two created Timberlake’s second solo album, FutureSex / LoveSounds. The two wanted to take that sound and produce an album of hits that sounded like the successful track. With songs like “SexyBack,” “My Love,” “Summer Love,” and “LoveStoned / I Think She Knows,” that mission was a success. FutureSex would debut at #1 on the Billboard 200. The album was sexier, moodier and more grandiose than Timberlake’s debut effort. From the clever writing, to the preludes and interludes, his second album was thrilling. Each track was laced with small details that music fans are still decoding today. Future Sex was nominated for five Grammy Awards in total.

Standout Tracks: What Goes Around… / … Comes Around, (Another Song) All Over Again, Losing My Way, Until the End of Time


The 20/20 Experience


Following the success of his second album, the anticipation for JT’s third project was mounting. Timberlake would make fans wait as he put his music on hold to focus on his interest in film. Citing that his love of music and the way he obsesses over it made it impossible for him to release an album every year like some artists. The seven-year hiatus made it all the sweeter when JT announced his return to music in January of 2013.  After playing some songs from the album for his friends, Timberlake would hit on the name for his third album after one friend said: “this is music you can see.” Thus the 20/20 Experience was born. Released in two parts, the album consisted of 21 tracks. It was a true evolution, while the album was still sexy it was done so in a more charming, mature and refined way. Tracks like “Strawberry Bubblegum,” “Mirrors” and “You Got It On” hammer that home, providing a sophisticated elegance that is present throughout the whole album. Both parts of 20/20 would reach #1 on the Billboard 200 and the albums earned Timberlake an additional four Grammy Award nominations.

Standout Tracks: Strawberry Bubblegum, Tunnel Vision, Pair of Wings (Hidden Track) Cabaret, Only When I Walk Away, Amnesia


Man of the Woods


Potentially his bravest effort, Timberlake’s most recent album, Man of the Woods, strikes cords that his fans might not be quite used to hearing. Moving away from his traditional formula of success, Timberlake entrusted the majority of production of the album to The Neptunes, moving away from Timbaland who almost exclusively produced his previous two albums. Timberlake hadn’t been able to work with the duo in years due to a legal dispute between his label and a Neptunes act, Clipse (whom appeared on Justified). Subject matter for the able felt more personal as Timberlake openly writes and sings about his wife and first child. It gives you honest look at where he is as a person. Sonically the album returns Timberlake to his Memphis roots, as its heavy on elements of funk and features loads of southern guitars. The move made this project Timberlake’s most exploratory effort in quite some time. While the name and promo videos led many to believe the project would be a country album, Timberlake debunked that rumor and innuendo, citing that his son’s name, Silas, translates to Man of the Woods.

Standout Tracks: Supplies, Say Something, Higher Higher, Montana, Breeze Off the Pond


Hope you enjoyed this career retrospective. Join us in wishing JT  a very happy 38th Birthday!

Last year we introduced you to the #ShoesSoFresh Bodega. We’re back at it again and open for business. Bringing faces, old and new together and ensuring that they get Bodega fresh. For our latest spot we’re going bigger and bringing you the latest from Nike. Pairing rap group Migos with Stranger Things actor Caleb McLaughlin and Hall of Fame NFL receiver Jerry Rice.

Part one of three, this first spot serves as a prelude of things to come. From the stars, to the cars and footwear, the party is only getting bigger at the #ShoesSoFresh Bodega.

The gift that keeps on giving. Every time you watch the spot you’ll notice something new. Take for instance the newspaper that Jerry Rice is holding. It appears to be teasing something very special that’s in the works for halftime on Sunday. We suggest that if you haven’t already, you download our app and when intermission starts, you might be in for a special treat from Migos.

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Heading into the All-Star break, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are hitting their stride. For the month of January Curry’s averaging 30.9 points per game. All while shooting .492% from the field and .438% from behind the arc. He’s been lighting the courts up in the latest addition to his signature line, the Curry 6.

The latest colorway in the line is giving us some major deep sea vibes. The compression-like knit upper comes dressed in Academy blue. The upper is highlighted by Mango and Team Orange accents. As always, it all sits atop a full-length UA HOVR midsole which provides an explosive energy return and a light, zero-gravity feel.

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