Adrian Crawford

Kicks don’t get much sweeter than the Reebok x Candy Land collection


For so many Americans, mention the words “Candy Land” and you’ll bring a flood of nostalgia rushing back.

Whether you played it with your parents as a kid, or guided your own children through the colorful board game, you’ve probably got some memories tucked away of the quest towards King Kandy’s Castle.

As I may have mentioned in these pages, I grew up a long way from the United States, and at my big age of 35 I’ve never played Candy Land, or seen it in real life.

So when my bosses asked me to write about the upcoming Reebok x Candy Land sneaker collection, saying it’d be fun to relive the game, I was left scratching my head and not knowing where to get some context.

And what else do you do when you’re trying to learn about something for the first time? I asked my pals on Twitter, of course.

My notifications and DMs filled up with folks explaining how the game is played, the objectives, the villains and the good stuff too. Here’s what I learned:

  • The goal is to be the first player to traverse the brightly colored path and get to King Kandy’s castle.
  • You’ll travel past the Gingerbread Tree and through the Peppermint Forest, the Gumdrop Mountains, Peanut Acres, the Lollipop Woods, the Licorice Forest, Snowflake Lake and the Molasses Swamp (or Chocolate Swamp, depending on how old your copy of the game is) to reach the castle.
  • Try to hit those shortcuts at Rainbow Lane and Gumdrop Pass!
  • Lord Licorice is definitely a bad guy.
  • Gloopy in the Molasses/Chocolate Swamp is everybody’s most hated character by far.
  • The simple gameplay (draw a card, move to that space, the next person gets a turn) makes it perfect for young kids.

Also fun for youngsters is the bright array of colors used in the construction of the Candy Land board and its pieces.

That’s where Reebok drew its inspiration for the upcoming Candy Land collection, which releases on 4/21.

The collection features a Reebok Kamikaze in Men’s sizing, with Classic Leather and Club C models for kids of all ages.

The Kamikaze is splashed with a rainbow of colors on its iconic wavy panels, while pink Candy Land branding features on the tongue.

The CL Legacy retro running shoe has glittery toeboxes and delicious designs of candy and sprinkles on white leather overlays. Gingerbread tokens from the game boards appear on the heel counters.

Kids will love the Club C, with its brightly colored patent leather upper contrasting white midsoles and details.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and remember those family game nights when the Reebok x Candy Land collection arrives at on 4/21.

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Five lucky STATUS members have a chance to win a sweet Candy Land prize pack for their little one. The pack includes a pair of kids’ Reebok x Candy Land Classic Leather footwear, the Candy Land Game by Hasbro and some sweet treats. Log in to the STATUS Rewards Catalog to enter. Last day to enter is 4/29. Not a member? Sign up here. Official Rules apply.

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