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A Major Milestone: @FinishLine hits 1 Million


In these trying times, it’s important to acknowledge all the wins no matter how big or small. This major milestone would most definitely be categorized as a big win.

Since the inception of the @FinishLine Instagram back in 2013, the objective of the handle was always to showcase the latest and greatest that we had to offer.

We’ve witnessed the evolution of social media and how sneaker photography has been elevated over and over again thanks to the myriad of content creators on the platform. We’ve witnessed countless new features on the Instagram platform itself from the intro of DMs, the demise of chronological feeds, expansion of photo formats, and of course the introduction of videos, to IG Stories, and of course live streaming.

We have recently hit 1 million followers and we wanted to reach out to our Finish Line fam for a look into some of our fave moments on the job. Keep reading for some of our Finish Line flashbacks and join our celebration.

Tyra Keuchler – Kids Footwear Supervisor, Castleton Square Mall

I would honestly have to say my favorite moments and memories started way before I even step foot in a Finish Line store. Everyone was so welcoming my first week, it felt like I was right at home. Finish Line gave me my first management position and in only 6 months my career has taken off. I’ve enjoyed every moment, good or bad because it has made me grow in various professionally and personally. I am thankful for my time this far with the company and truly excited to continue growing my career with my JD FNL family!

Adrian Crawford – Brand Content Specialist, Editorial

My favorite Finish Line memory is probably a little more corny than most others. Having grown up in Australia, I definitely don’t have the same level of nostalgia as folks who were shopping at the store all their lives.

Back in 2018 I was super unhappy in my current job and spent most of my work days hunting for a new role. As I was scrolling through countless pages of listings for digital content specialists, I stumbled across an ad for a job whose requirements and qualifications fit my experience pretty well. When I looked at the company, I thought “nah, no way that’s the Finish Line. Not the Finish Line where I’ve surrendered my paycheck to every Saturday morning on sneakers?!”

When I clicked the “apply here” button on the posting, it took me to a careers website branded with the old-school Finish Line “Spike” logo. You know the one I mean. At that stage of my job search, I had trained myself not to get excited about a single application because it was the easiest way to be disappointed. But less than 90 minutes later I received an email from HR asking to set up a phone call, and to my surprise the calls kept coming until I was finally offered the role in November 2018.

It was a big jump away from my previous career path but I count myself super lucky to be able to work in the sneaker industry and spend all day writing and talking about kicks. My bank account still takes a hit on a Saturday morning every now and then though!

Kassidy Fitzpatrick – Sr. Strategist, Cultural Partnerships

Over the last six in a half years, I’ve had some of my favorite experiences with the Finish Line fam. Countless collaborations and working with industry leaders that inspire me to keep pushing at my job. 

The most rewarding experience as a Content Specialist was building and creating relationships with the many individuals that made @finishline and @finishlinewomen what it is. Co-workers, content creators, artists, photographers, dancers, singers, athletes, It’s why I  believe my new role as the Sr. Strategist of Partnerships is something I’m truly passionate about. I love getting to know the different vibe and energy of people and finding what makes them special and sharing those stories with our Finish Line audience and internally with the brand team. 

For me, it all started when I was told to find women who would define the @finishlinewomen brand. I got to reach out and work with some very talented girls I followed and it was my job. I couldn’t believe it at the time. I built a small group that I could really rely on and individuals who were excited to be a part of the community we were building. From there, I learned that these relationships were not only going to shape the stories we told, but would evolve our brand as well. 

My career has taken me places like Coachella, Complexcon, NYFW, multiple concerts and being on set with talent who I thought I would only interact with by liking a picture on social media. It’s been about hard work, taking risks, knowing and accepting when we failed and celebrating success no matter how big or small. I’m so grateful to be a part of this family. Thank you to our audience and everyone who got @finishline to 1M followers! We truly keep you top of mind in all the work we do and we’re excited for what’s to come and to keep pushing forward. 

Aida Aguado – Social Media Strategist

I joined the JD FNL fam 2 years ago almost to the date, and have gotten to be a part of some incredibly cool events that I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d ever get to go to. From photo shoots, to fashion shows, to influencer parties, and boxing matches – I’ve been lucky enough to go behind the lens and cover all sorts of things for our social media channels, for you all to see.

One event stands out, though – Super Bowl LIV. I traveled to Miami for about 5 days, and got some cool coverage for social media of events leading up to the big game – and just prior to the big day, I was lucky enough to cover a special event that Finish Line hosted alongside Jordan Brand for lucky local winners from our loyalty program. The party was on a yacht on the Miami harbor, and the musical guest? None other than DJ Khaled.

I’ve never felt more fortunate than I did that whole week. Experiencing these events – I never would’ve thought myself lucky enough to go to something like this, much less have it be my actual job. By far, some of the coolest things I’ve worked on.

This might sound incredibly cheesy, but one of my favorite things about this job – and what really MAKES it, tbh – are the people. I’m so lucky to work alongside amazing people that I consider close friends, who I know I can count on no matter what. So just thank you, JD Finish Line for not only keeping me cool, but also for giving me the chance to make some incredible friends along the way.  And cheers to 1 million more friends we get to connect with on the daily️ ✌🏼💙

Kim Nguyen – Sr. Brand Development Strategist, Editorial

My love for Finish Line began when I was a kid. Lil’ Kimmy and her forever frugal parents fiendin’ for those Winner’s Circle rewards.

Finish Line was the go-to destination for back-to-school kicks each and every year. Thinking back on this memory, it’s V SAD that I was only getting shoes once a year 😱😂 In addition to sneakers, I was able to be a Pacers ball-kid through the Finish Line sweepstakes which fueled my love for the hometown team.

I took a gap year after graduating from started working at Finish Line as a sales associate. Making my way up the totem pole in my two years at the store, I landed my dream job as a Brand Content Specialist where I managed social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ (RIP). It was here at HQ that I was able to spread my wings on the digital brand side of the business and 5 years later, I’m still in love with this side of the business and excited to see what we all come up with this year.

Some of my favorite events include interviewing King Push at Finish Line Annual Meeting in April 2016, meeting AI and Killa Cam at Rucker Park for a Reebok event in August 2016, the Nike x NBA event in LA September 2017, hitting up a few ComplexCons to network and meet new creatives, All Star Weekend in 2018 and 2020. All the new friends and partnerships created through the years make my job ultra rewarding and the bonus of traveling has expanded my horizons immensely. Deeply appreciative of the JD FNL fam.

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