Valentine's Day

Love is in the Air: 5 Valentine’s Day Cards for you to Share


Who else needs some shareables to send to some loved ones? We’ve got you covered for Valentine’s Day 2021. Although this year might look different from years past, there’s nothing wrong with whipping up a meal at home, enjoying an at-home spa day, and throwing on something on Netflix after game night gets too competitive. Wait, is that just me? No one else is a sore loser when it comes to games? 😅


Well fortunately, no one will be a loser this year since we created some Valentine’s Day cards to share with the masses. Think about your earliest memories of Valentine’s Day. Did anyone else get excited to decorate their paper bags or reconstructed tissue boxes to hold all the Vday cards? Endless heart shaped dollies, glitter, and piles of construction paper 😂 Anyway, check out our mess-free cards on IG for a quick share or download them below.