Kevin Durant

Happy birthday Kevin Durant, a true Hall of Fame tweeter


Since 2007, Twitter has offered people all over the world to post whatever random thought, half-baked idea or hot take came to mind.

And because it’s been around for a decade-plus, it now serves as a time capsule filled with snippets of what you were thinking about back in the day (in both good and bad ways, as many folks have experienced.)

Few Twitter accounts embody this “living museum” idea better than that of Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant. @KDTrey5 has been on the bird app since April 2009, a couple of years into his NBA career.

More recently KD caught some heat for defending himself online with “burner” accounts, and now when he claps back at 37-follower posters with avatars of their dog, or them holding a fish, the common refrain is that he’s overly sensitive to criticism.

But the way I see it, KD is a True Poster, just like so many of us. He’s not afraid to talk spicy or call out some doofus who doesn’t know what they’re talking about online. Who amongst us hasn’t participated in that kind of action?

So to celebrate the birthday of a future two-sport Hall of Famer (basketball and tweeting), we’ve compiled some of KD’s career Twitter highlights.

No lies detected here. Sticking with the club theme…

Why was the club playing History Channel? Anyway, on to more pressing questions, like…grits?

Speaking of personal-care routines…

But it isn’t just subtweets. Here’s the Easy Money Sniper tagging Amber Rose in for a compliment.

No question about it: young KD wasn’t afraid to post what was in his heart, or show his sensitive side.

You know? I do hate when this happens.

And you gotta feel for the guy on this one.

I…have no words.

Can’t have a greatest hits without the tweet that brought the catchphrase “hesi pull-up jimbo” to the timeline for a few good weeks back in 2017.

And to close it out, this all-time banger of a pick-up line. Fellas, text your ladies this one today.

As a bonus, watch NBA players read some of KD’s best old tweets in the video below.