LeBron 17

Nike Basketball’s latest LeBron 17 colorway represents hoop dreams from the Philippines


As we’ve already covered in these pages, the 17th edition of LeBron James’s signature Nike Basketball shoe has been a blank canvas for some wild designs, from Space Jam-themed colorways to ’96 throwbacks and even nods to his own line’s history.

The newest take on the shoe, however, carries with it the hoop dreams of an entire country.

Nike Basketball’s LeBron 17 Low ‘Titan,’ the second collaboration between the Kid from Akron and high-profile Filipino basketball retail outfit Titan, is designed to personify the importance of the sport to the people of the Philippines.

The low-slung sneaker is dressed all over in bold red with the swoosh, tongue heel logos accented in gold. The crest on the tongue combines Titan’s lightning-bolt brand logo and LeBron’s own branding with a globe, to signify the impact James’s career has had on basketball fans around the world, along with the words “Para sa Kadakilaan,” meaning “Strive for Greatness” in Filipino.

The upper is also embossed with a variety of symbols and artwork depicting the store’s first 10 years in business, “together a celebration of Titan and the Philippines.”

Capping off the fine detail are graphics on the insoles shouting “MANILA” and “WORLD,” representing both a reminder of where Titan came from, and where it aspires to go.

You’ll be able to grab a pair of this incredible collaboration when the LeBron 17 Low ‘Titan’ launches at FinishLine.com on 8/8.

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