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Community Voices: Evelynn Escobar-Thomas Dropping Jewels About Allyship


As a part of our commitment and responsibilities as an ally, we intend to highlight and amplify black voices within our community. Each week, we’ll be introducing you to a new guest who will be diving into important topics about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We hope that you will find this series educational and empowering. This week we linked with Evelynn Escobar-Thomas to discuss the importance of allyship:

What is allyship and why is it important?

How can people become stronger allies in this climate?

What does it mean to you to see so many brands standing for allyship in these times?

And more…

If today’s Live stoked further curiosity, we’ve provided some additional resources for you to continue your education on becoming a better ally.

Additional Resources

Thank you for joining us today. Make sure you keep an eye out for our second installment of Community Voices.