The Next Evolution of Flight, the Air Jordan XXXIV


Air Jordan XXXIV 'Bred'

Less is more. Jordan Brand has taken that mantra to heart and is implementing it with its latest signature shoe. The Air Jordan XXXIV is a lesson is restraint, the model strips away non-essentials materials and leaves you with only what you need. All while focusing on innovation, a staple of Jordan Brand. 

Air Jordan XXXIV 'Bred'

Work on the AJXXXIV began with feedback received from the AJXXXIII. “Athletes noted a desire to improve traction and reduce weight — that become our starting point. We focused on athletes who are playing above the rim and making them more explosive,” said Jordan Brand designer Tate Kuerbis. The introduction of the Jordan Eclipse Plate solves the problem of explosivity. An evolution of the Jordan Flight Speed Plate, this new game-changing technology is made up of a forefoot Zoom Air unit and two Pebax pieces. Its design and positioning dramatically reduces the stiffness and weight of the shoe. While also unlocking the full-potential of the Zoom Air unit. You’ll feel more bounce, stability and lateral support than you’ve ever felt in a Jordan shoe before. The effectiveness of the Jordan Eclipse Plate is amplified by a herringbone traction pattern. Use of the classic pattern allows for a superior first step, quick cuts and lateral movement.

Construction of the AJXXXIV upper is pretty simple. Following the aforementioned less is more mantra, you’ve got a heel counter, tongue, eyestay, midfoot reinforcer and minimal branding. “One of the things I love about this shoe is that it doesn’t remind you of any Jordan from the past,” says Kuerbis. “But it does remind you of the purest form of a basketball shoe.”

Be on the lookout for the Air Jordan XXXIV, coming your way on 10/10 at Finish Line.