Alijah Landing

Exaggerated. Bold. Remixed: Puma RS-X Reinvention


A staple of the ‘80s, the Puma Running System was ahead of its time. The running technology allowed wearers to plug their shoes into a compatible computer and analyse their performance. This was during a time where not every household had a computer and encyclopedias were the most popular resource for book reports. Puma has revived the Running System and put a fresh coat of paint on the line with tons of innovative offerings.

The latest drop is dubbed the RS-X Reinvention. The X is a mark for extreme. Exaggerated. Bold. Remixed. The RS-X celebrates exploring new limits, pushing boundaries and extreme reinvention. The model boasts an on-trend bulky design which pairs perfectly with its mixed media upper and bold color palettes. The combination allows for some standout designs.

Explore new bounds with the Puma RS-X Reinvention on 3/7 at Finish Line.