Alijah Landing

Countdown to Kickoff: 10 things to Look Forward to this NFL Season


#4 The Cowboys are Back

I’m sure you’ve heard (mostly because Cowboys fans won’t stop telling you about it), the Dallas Cowboys are good again. Maybe good is an understatement, the Cowboys are great and their eyes are locked on the Super Bowl. Armed with veterans like Sean Lee, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten, and young stars like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, fans and haters will be talking about the Cowboys a lot this year. Everyone seems to have an opinion about them and that will make for a drama-filled season. Whether you love them or hate them is beside the point, the NFL is more fun when the Cowboys are good, they truly are America’s Team.

Dallas will face a bit of an uphill battle this season due to the fact that star running back Ezekiel Elliot has been suspended six games, stemming from an alleged off field incident that occurred in 2016. While no criminal charges were filed, the league issued their ruling after an investigation of their own. Elliot, just had his appeal denied by the league on Tuesday, but he is still in the process of pursuing a lawsuit to get his suspension overturned (think Tom Brady deflategate). While he awaits movement in the process, Elliot will be allowed to play week one against the New York Giants. If his case moves forward he would be allowed to play this season (again think Tom Brady deflategate), if not, Elliot would be suspended following week one and eligible to return week nine against the Chiefs.

#3 It’s Breesy at the Top

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If you’ve been following the NFL for the last decade or so, then you’re familiar with the impressive numbers that Drew Brees has routinely put up with the New Orleans Saints. Those seasons have certainly added up as Brees now finds himself third place for all-time passing yards (66,111), passes completed (5,836) and touchdowns (465), as well as the most accurate quarterback in NFL history (66.6%). Largely overshadowed by the fact that he played in the same era as Manning and Tom Brady, Brees has a chance to leave his mark on the NFL as the greatest (statically) passer of all-time. Though he likely won’t overtake any records this season (that will come next season), his chase to the top deserves to be watched closely.