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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

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16.     9ebzja2zfeigaziee8y605aqp        Denver Broncos

Record: 8-7
Last Week: 12

Too bad that Denver didn’t have “the worst QB in football” again. Bronco fans were too excited to see Peyton retire, but after this season they are already eating their words. I’ll give John Elway credit, he knew a terrible QB when he saw one in Brock, but thinking that the combination of Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian would help them back into the playoffs is a stretch at best. One of those is famous for fumbling off his own team’s butt, one of those wasn’t good enough to start at Northwestern and the last is a rookie. I’ll let you figure out who is who.

15.     17636702014        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 8-7
Last Week: 15

The Buccaneer’s playoff hopes are slim, but they aren’t none. They can still sneak in under very extreme circumstances, but crazier things have happened before. Famous Jameis is looking more and more like a real  NFL QB every week, give it another year and this team could be a contender in the NFC.

14.     570        Houston Texans

Record: 9-5
Last Week: 19

Thunderous applause was heard all through out Texas and Tom Savage strutted onto the field in place of broken Brock. Savage will be getting the nod this week as well in a crazy turn of events that some would describe as a long time coming. If Brock ever starts another game in the NFL, color me shocked.

13.     318        Baltimore Ravens

Record: 9-6
Last Week: 17

Baltimore blew it again and it looked like what could have been in Super Bowl XXXIV with Kevin Dyson. Four Ravens couldn’t keep Antonio Brown out of the endzone and this may be the end of the Ravens’ season.

12.     im5xz2q9bjbg44xep08bf5czq        Washington Redskins  

Record: 8-6-1
Last Week: 16

The Redskins are going to make the playoffs for the 2nd straight year and Kirk Cousins is the reason for the celebration. After an abysmal performance last week, one that knocked me out of my fantasy playoffs, he stepped it up this week and picked apart the Bears. Yes Kirk, We Like That.

11.     cwuyv0w15ruuk34j9qnfuoif9        Detroit Lions

Record: 9-6
Last Week: 13

The Lions were thiiiis close to beating the Cowboys on the road this week, but the collapse was almost legendary. 21-21 at halftime everyone was talking about how the Lions wanted this game more, Dallas must’ve heard it because they came out with a passion and let everyone know that they shouldn’t be messed with.

10.     15041052013        Miami Dolphins

Record: 10-5
Last Week: 14

For the first time since 2001, the Dolphins are going to the playoffs. They aren’t going to be playing any games at home, so they had better get used to the cold.

9.     919        New York Giants

Record: 10-5
Last Week: 5

I am going to wait to criticize the Giants because if they make the playoffs they are going to roll, it’s just how things happen with them. Tides roll in and out, the sun sets in the west and rises in the east and the New York Giants have incredible playoff runs.