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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

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8.     857        Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 10-4
Last Week: 1

Tough loss at home to a team thats on a roll right now. The Chiefs started the game out in the best possible way, a 68 yard Tyreke Hill rushing touchdown. After that it seemed like the Chiefs were going to roll to victory after causing two big turnovers, one on the goal line. Not being able to get that touchdown before the end of the half really put KC in a funk that they weren’t able to recover from.

7.     299        Atlanta Falcons

Record: 9-5
Last Week: 9

Atlanta made quick wok of San Francisco this week and it started from the first punt of the game. After letting Devin Hester go last week, Eric Weems took of special teams duties and made the former pro-bowler look like the old man he is.

6.     pfiobtreaq7j0pzvadktsc6jv        Seattle Seahawks

Record: 9-4-1
Last Week: 12

Seattle finally overcame the demons that are the Los Angeles Rams, no matter how easy every other team made it look, the Seahawks always like to keep things interesting. The Seahawks were able to clinch the NFC West title, making this the third time in the last four years. The Seattle defense held Todd Gurley to just 38 yards on 14 carries. Seattle should focus on getting their team healthy for the post season because right now it looks like they could get picked apart by almost anyone. Not sure what Pete Carroll was trying to prove by challenging almost every call in the first half.

5.     919        New York Giants

Record: 10-4
Last Week: 6

The only more impressive than OBJ’s catches are his dance moves, the man can boogie. The Giants are peaking at the right time and they still have a shot to win their division if the Cowboys lose their last couple and the Giants win out. The one question on everyone’s mind after this game is what in the world is a catch. I always thought that if the ball hits the ground it’s a drop, but this game completely dispelled that notion.

4.     970        Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 9-5
Last Week: 5

Forget Le’Veon Bell, Chris Boswell is the real MVP of this team. The man put up 18 points on his own this week as the Steelers took care of the Bengals on the road. Aside from putting up 18, he made the saving tackle on Alex Erickson who was gone for a kick return touchdown had Boswell not stepped in.

3.     g9mgk6x3ge26t44cccm9oq1vl        Oakland Raiders

Record: 10-3
Last Week: 4

Bruce Irvin was still getting his feet wet in Oakland after spending most of his career in Seattle. The Raiders are going to be in the playoffs for the first time since 2002, other things that were big in 2002 include, Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, Derek Carr’s older brother was selected first overall by Houston and the first season of American Idol.

2.     406        Dallas Cowboys

Record: 12-2
Last Week: 2

A week after Cowboy fans were pleading to start Romo, Dak put together another amazing performance. Zeke ran for 159 yards and brought awareness to a Salvation Army, which has already garnered a 61% increase since Zeke jumped in the bin.

1.     y71myf8mlwlk8lbgagh3fd5e0        New England Patriots

Record: 12-2
Last Week: 3

Tom Brady struggled a little bit in Denver, but overall it was one of the better performances that the Patriots have put together in Denver. Brady didn’t complete a pass in his first 6 attempts. The Patriots have the ability to clinch the #1 seed in the AFC if they win this week and the Colts beat the Raiders.