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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

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24.     403        Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 5-8-1
Last Week: 21

Maybe disrespecting the Terrible Towel isn’t such a smart move. The Bengals looked to be cruising to their sixth win of the year before Jeremy Hill picking up a Terrible Towel that was on the ground and pretended to rip it before throwing it back on the ground. That was the turning point of this game, the Bengals were up 17-3 at this point, but would only go on to score three more points the rest of the game. After the gesture, Hill would go on to rush six more times for negative one yard.

23.     907        New Orleans Saints

Record: 6-8
Last Week: 25

The Saints were in playoff contention before this game started, but because of the Atlanta win they were mathematically eliminated. Drew Brees played his heart out and put up 48 on the road. Tim Hightower swooped in and took a couple touchdowns from Mark Ingram this week and Ingram had some words about it. The Saints had a very up and down season this year, but if they can bring it all together in the future they have the offense to do it.

22.     f1wggq2k8ql88fe33jzhw641u        Carolina Panthers

Record: 6-8
Last Week: 24

A big win against Josh Norman and the Washington Redskins. The Carolina defense shut down Kirk Cousins all night and the offense ran the ball down the Redskin’s throat. The Redskins were the NFL’s third ranked offense and they only gave up 15 points.

21.     593       Indianapolis Colts

Record: 7-7
Last Week: 23

The Colts took it to the Vikings this week and AP’s comeback didn’t do much for the Vikings. The Colts defense was stout all afternoon and the Vikings couldn’t find a way through. Unfortunately, the Titans overcame the powerhouse Chiefs this week and the Colts are going to have to win out and hope for a collapse from Tennessee and Houston in order to make the playoffs.

20.     960        Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 5-9
Last Week: 18

Tough loss for the Eagles this week, but it could have been avoided. Doug Pederson went all in and went for two at the end of the game, it didn’t work and the Eagles lost the game. Carson Wentz didn’t look bad as he marched down the field on the final drive, finally running it in himself to go down just one. The Eagles aren’t going to make the playoffs this year, but if they can develop Wentz, this team could have a good looking future ahead of them.

19.     570        Houston Texans

Record: 8-5
Last Week: 20

It took the Texan coaching staff about 14 weeks to realize what the rest of the NFL has known, that Brock Osweiler is a waste of a position and eight figures. Brock had been boo’d all game and was met with a standing ovation from the entire stadium when he had been benched. And we thought that Cleveland had a horrible QB situation…

18.     17227042013        Minnesota Vikings  

Record: 7-7
Last Week: 14

Ugly, Ugly game from the Vikings this week. AP probably thought he was going to come in and just run all over the Colt’s defense, but they were more ready for him than he was for them. The workload was limited to only six rushes and he only had a measly 22 yards and a fumble. The Vikings started this year off so promising, the defense was incredible, Bradford looked like he had been with the team for years and Blair Walsh was hitting field goals, ahh the good ole days.

17.     318        Baltimore Ravens

Record: 9-5
Last Week: 19

Baltimore did not make this win look easy, but they pulled out the win and their playoff hopes lie squaring in their hands, they need to win out if they want to have a spot in the playoffs. Philly tried to take the W by going for two, down only one at the end of the game as , but the defense held tough and the playoff hopes are still alive.