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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

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16.     dcy03myfhffbki5d7il3        Green Bay Packers

Record: 6-6
Last Week: 18

When you think of  football you think; big hits, great catches and snow at Lambeau. You know winter is here when Lambeua is filled with it and you see those hardcore Packer fans without a shirt drinking a beer like its nobody’s business. Aaron Rodgers was back to his old self this week and those hardcore fans were filled with warmth at the site of his dominating second half. The Packers host Seattle this week in a game that can decide whether or not those fans will be watching the cheeseheads in January.

15.     17227042013        Minnesota Vikings  

Record: 6-6
Last Week: 13

Sam Bradford was a capable backup for Teddy Bridgewater, WAS. Teams have figured out how to put up points on this defense and stopping the offense is as easy as shutting down the pass game. This was a close game at the end and a missed hands to the face call decided the game for Minnesota. 

14.     960        Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 5-7
Last Week: 12

So many people were calling out how Carson Wentz was the future of the league, how Wentz v Prescott is the new Brady v Manning, but those same people are probably keeping their mouth’s closed after this spiral that the Eagles have taken this year. There was very little film on Carson at the beginning of the year, all anyone had to go on was Gruden’s QB corner, but now that half the sesaon is gone, teams know how to beat this kid. Wentz has thrown 3 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in his last 5 games.

13.     n0fd1z6xmhigb0eej3323ebwq        Buffalo Bills

Record: 6-6
Last Week: 15

After securing a couple big wins back to back the Bills dropped a big game against Oakland. If the Bills want any shot at the playoffs this year they are going to have to win out the rest of the season. Their schedule ahead isn’t terribly difficult, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Miami and the Jets await them, so they definitely have a shot. 

12.     im5xz2q9bjbg44xep08bf5czq        Washington Redskins  

Record: 6-5-1
Last Week: 10

The Redskins have lost two in a row now and while it isn’t time to panic yet, the hand should definitely be hovering over the panic button as they travel to Philly this weekend for a nice divisional rivalry game. Neither team is in the playoffs yet, but Washington is the first team looking to steal one of those coveted wild card spots. 

11.     17636702014        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 7-5
Last Week: 17

The Bucs are on fire right now and it is gonna be hard for any team to slow them down. Tampa has now won four in a row and tied Atlanta at the top of the NFC South. If Tampa makes the playoffs this team could be deadly. Stopping Mike Evans has proved to be a much more difficult task than experts predicted at the beginning of the year. 

10.     299        Atlanta Falcons

Record: 7-5
Last Week: 8

Matt Ryan seems to be falling into the same trap that has caught the Falcons the last few seasons.The Falcons started out this season on fire, but have slowly managed to impede that progress with losses that should have been wins. Matt Ryan threw this game away, literally, with a pick-6 to Eric Berry and then the NFL’s first ever pick-2.

9.     cwuyv0w15ruuk34j9qnfuoif9        Detroit Lions

Record: 8-4
Last Week: 11

Teams have struggled against the Saints in New Orleans, but the Lions managed to make it look easy this week. Holding Drew Brees to just a 69 passer rating and not allowing him to throw a touchdown pass is incredible. Matt Stafford looks like the most dangerous QB in the NFL right now.