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Top 10 NFL Thanksgiving Day Performances

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Thanksgiving Football Pigskin Instead of Traditional Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving Football Pigskin Instead of Traditional Turkey Dinner


Thanksgiving is here and it’s a time for the whole family to come together, eat delicious food and pass out at 5:15 like the senior citizen you are. While we sit back and unclip our belts, we anticipate the football that is to come and hope that it can distract us from the horror that is the approaching Black Friday. However you do Thanksgiving, whether its racing your uncle to that 3rd plate or running around spouting the South Park conspiracy theories about aliens , just make sure you do it with people you love and are happy to be around. Slip on those receiver gloves you bought for this year, lace up your 5 year old cleats, it’s tackle football with the buddies at 8am. It doesn’t matter how much you want to be Odell, just remember, there are two certainties in life; 1. You can stretch all you want, but you’re still gonna end up like Bosworth trying to break down Bo and 2. No matter how many times you beat Tom on that streak route, no performance can match those of the following 10 players on Thanksgiving.


10. Jason Garrett, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Year: 1994

Opponent: Green Bay Packers

Final Stat Line: 15-of-26 311 Yards, 2 Touchdowns

While the stat line for Jason Garrett on Thanksgiving of 1994 isn’t spectacular, what it does represent is a 3rd string quarterback going mano y mano against a QB who would inevitably go down as one of the best to ever play the game. Garrett was filling in for starter Troy Aikman and 2nd stringer Rodney Peete against 3rd year QB, Brett Farve. The first pass thrown by Garrett would be intercepted and the Cowboys would trail 17-6 at halftime. This is where things changed. Jason Garrett came out of the half and led the Cowboys on scoring drives on the first 5 possessions after the half. He would account for what is still franchise record 36 points in the 2nd half