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Best Air Jordan Releases On Black Friday Ever

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Black Friday has transcended its standard discount shopping origins and become a full-fledged sneakerhead holiday; complete with corresponding releases.

About the same time that the sneakerhead market began to open up globally is when a Black Friday release of an Air Jordan Retro (or two) became something to look forward to annually. Last year we saw JB bring back the classic Air Jordan ‘Aqua’ Retro 8 and started they gave Cyber Monday its own release of a Retro 1.

Throughout the years there have been a good amount of Jordan releases on the last Friday of November, so this feature was created as a reference to the “creme of the crop” pairs. Use this article to mark time and possibly predict the direction Jordan Brand will be going in when it comes to Black Friday.

All that said, thumb thru this list of the best Air Jordan Retro releases from Black Friday throughout the years.