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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

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Week 9 of the NFL is almost upon us, but before we start talking about that we can recap a little bit of week 8. A lot of ups and downs, but none more shocking than the Vikings losing to the Bears. Tom Brady is a machine that no one should mess with. Cleveland did Cleveland things and blew a halftime lead to the Jets, which isn’t as shocking as it sounds considering they are the Browns. A few teams that were considered powerhouses took big L’s this week and are less power-housey, the Seahawks, Cardinals and Vikings were all upset this week and we are going to have to see if they can clean it up going forward. Week 8 was a scary, but we will see if it was a trick or a treat.

32.     15578552015        Cleveland Browns

Record: 0-8

Last Week: 32

Cleveland was so close to getting the monkey off their backs this week, unfortunately a 13 point lead at half isn’t enough to get in the way of this team losing games. After a stunning trade with the Patriots to land Jamie Collins the Browns might have a change to pick up a win here in the next couple of weeks. I don’t know what’s more upsetting, the fact that the Browns haven’t gotten a win yet or that Robert Craft just ripped a potential ring away from Collins.


31.     17994552009        San Francisco 49ers

Record: 1-6

Last Week: 31

The bye week for the 49ers was timed perfectly as the top seeded Cardinals and Seahawks lost to teams under .500. The 49ers have been looking really shaky in the last couple of weeks and the coaching staff needed a week off to figure things out. The 49ers are up against the Saints this week, who are coming off a big home win against the Seahawks. A win this week could set the season on the right path going forward.


30.     15988562013        Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 2-5

Last Week: 29


It doesn’t matter what day or time the Jags are playing in, they are going to struggle. Granted they did win in London, but it was not an easy W. Unfortunately for everyone involved, including the fans, the Thursday night game was not the most thrilling. Twitter had the right idea buying streaming rights to Thursday night games; I was able to see everyone roasting the game without actually missing it.

29.  593       Indianapolis Colts

Record: 3-5

Last Week: 24

Andrew Luck has been sacked more times than any other QB this year at 31, that number could be a lot higher if Andrew wasn’t the tank he is. While he has taken a ton of hits this year he always manages to get back up. The Colts offensive line has been struggling for about a decade now and fans finally making some noise. Change starts from the top and while firing Pep Hamilton last year might have calmed the storm for a bit, the winds are picking back up.

28.  364        Chicago Bears    

Record: 2-6

Last Week: 30

The Bears have to be feeding off the energy in Chicago because they looked a little impressive this week. Something in Cutler must have been knocked loose because I could’ve sworn I saw him smile at one point last game. Martellus Bennett had some harsh words for Jay a few weeks ago and it must have struck a nerve because he came out and looked like the life of the pigskin party.

27.     v7tehkwthrwefgounvi7znf5k       New York Jets

Record: 3-5

Last Week: 27

The Jets made it difficult on themselves this week, but a win is a win. They ran the ball over 30 times this week and I can’t blame them because although Fitz might believe in himself, no one else really does at this point. I’m not sure if the defense stepped up this week or if the Browns just fell back into their bad habits, but either way the Jets escaped.

26.     17636702014        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 3-4

Last Week: 19

It’s almost like the Bucs were trying to lose this game from the start. They were given 200 yards in penalties and 2 missed game-winning field goals by Janikowski and they still lost in OT. Jameis Winston is a bull of a QB, but sometimes a bull isn’t the best option. The Bucs are stuck in a China shop and they need to be very careful with how they handle the upcoming games, or this once promising season could go down in broken plates and fancy cups.

25.     f1wggq2k8ql88fe33jzhw641u        Carolina Panthers

Record: 2-5

Last Week: 28

Cam Newton is going to have a discussion with Roger Goodell over the hits he has been taking this year and it’s for good reason. He was a stud last year, but last year he said “If they don’t want to see me dance, keep me out of the endzone”, it seems that every defense took that challenge personally and he has been punished every game this year for it. Any other QB in the league would be protected from these hits, but Cam is a bulldozer in the back and people think he can take it, but come on, even bulldozers feel pain.