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Reebok Question “Misunderstood”

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When it comes to Allen Iverson, most people look at him as the guy who shook up the NBA and was only worried about himself. So when A.I. came into the league in 1996 with his back against the wall, he had to overcome the persona the media had given to him stemming from his past off court occurrences. Most people didn’t care how talented he was and couldn’t see the potential he had to lead a team at such a young age. Iverson was misunderstood his whole life but that didn’t affect his game play and attitude he brought to the court. He was going to cross you up and there was nothing you could do about it. Just take that L and be ready when he comes back at you. He went head to head with some of the biggest names in the league, and each matchup was a David vs. Goliath story because of his small stature.

It’s been six years since Iverson stepped away from the NBA but his legacy lives on through the young players who are now in the league. They mimic the crossovers and flashy passes that he became so well known for. Everyone misunderstood his arm sleeve to be a flashy accessory but later found out that he wore for it his elbow bursitis. Now you can’t watch a game without seeing someone wearing one just like his.  His fan following hasn’t dwindled either; since his polarizing personality had every kid who picked up a basketball wanting to be him. We can’t help but hope he will lace up his Reebok Questions one more time for the ‘76ers and let his mom braid his hair during a timeout.

Reebok is honoring A.I. with a special sneaker that shines light on events throughout his career. The Reebok Question “Misunderstood” is highlighting the good and bad headlines that featured Iverson through his illustrious time in the league. To emphasize both the positive and negative attention Iverson received over his career, the Question is featured in one “Good” shoe with headlines praising his play, and one “Bad” shoe showing headlines from his harshest critics. The asymmetrical treatment features the headline graphics on the lateral side, with the medial sides having black suede and white leather toecaps rounding the sneaker out.

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