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2015-16 NBA Sneaker Signings & New Endorsements

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Kemba Walker from Under Armour to Jordan
PREVIOUSLY: Under Armour
2015-16 NBA SEASON: Jordan

Of all the sneaker movements in the NBA for this upcoming season, Kemba Walker going to Jordan Brand feels the most natural. After wearing Nike Inc sneaker all throughout his UConn career, Mr EZ Pass signed with Under Armour during the lockout season and was one of the elite guards on the Team Armour roster alongside Brandon Jennings and Greivas Vasquez. After dozens of Player Exclusive colorways of the Torch, ClutchFit Drive Highlight, and psuedo-signature Juke, Walker decided to play for his hometeam for real by signing an endorsement with Jordan Brand. Since his checks (possibly) already have Michael Jordan’s name, it makes sense that his on-court footwear bear the moniker as well.

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