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Reebok Kamikaze II “Reignman”

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Shawn Kemp was once one of the most terrifying presences down low on the court; with his powerful dunks, ferocious rebounds and his dramatic blocks kept you in awe when watching. When Kemp was drafted in 1989 he was being compared to MJ, with his outstanding talent and fierce court presence that could lead him to be an NBA superstar. Kemp and Gary Payton led the Seattle Supersonics to be a dominating presence in the NBA Western Conference in the early ‘90s and are considered one of the best duos of the era. Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro dubbed Kemp “The Reignman”; it fit his personality and style of play.

Reebok bought into Kemp and the power he brought and created a basketball sneaker legacy. Kemp got his first signature sneaker with the Reebok Kamikaze; it was electric and baring with an aggressive design that fit his style of play perfectly. We get lucky enough to get a new Reebok Kamikaze II with a special make up that honors Kemps alter ego. Dressed in an all Indigo color Shawn Kemps alter ego and pick up the Reebok Kamikaze II “Reignman” on August 21st at Finishline.com.