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Happy Birthday Penny Hardaway

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Has your memory ever been sparked by a name, a song, or even a fashion trend? With Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway’s birthday here, I’m flooded with nostalgia of memories long past. There I was, playing basketball without a care in the world. All there was, was the hoop, the basketball, and me. I’m in position waiting to make the assist. As the basketball flies towards me, I soared in the air, higher than the neighborhood kids trying to prevent my soon to be victory. With my Penny jersey and shoes on, emulating one of the best point guards in basketball, like him, I gracefully drop a 3-pointer, hearing the sweet sound of the swoosh of the basketball sliding through the net. A perfect moment frozen in time that brought back to me by the mention of Penny’s upcoming birthday.

It’s amazing how all the feelings from that moment are relived at the sight of a sneaker, or the mention of the name of a great athlete. Ever feel like Superman when you put that jersey on, or lace up those sneaks? When I wore Hardaway’s jersey, I did. Sneakers, more than anything else, unlock such fond memories, especially those that carry the name of someone who has left a mark on the history of a sport. Not only do you feel connected to that moment and that sport, but you also feel a connection with the athlete you are representing. Not just anyone can make such an impact, which is why only a few, like Hardaway, are immortal and can draw such profound emotions from the many they inspire. It’s memories like these that make us stop, while the rest of the world is in chaos, and make us smile and feel content. I know others can relate.

Happy birthday Penny, and thank you for the memories!

Sam Adams

Sam is a Talent Acquisition Manager at Finish Line. She has been with Finish Line for 6 1/2 years, and been in athletic retail for 15 years. She has a passion for sneakers and sports that started when she was a kid. She grew up mainly playing softball and basketball. She has over 100 pairs of sneakers. Some people say you can have too many shoes, and as you might guess she tends to disagree. She loves what she does, who she works for, and the sneakers she gets to wear to work every day.