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New Balance. Classic Style. (feat. @ModernNotoriety) – New Balance 580, 999

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If you want to look good with minimal effort, it might be a good idea to start rocking some New Balance kicks. The shoe loved by fashion mavens all over the world can add an element of cool to almost any outfit that you’re wearing. “Which model should I buy?” you ask. We say try them all. @ModernNotoriety, one of Instagram’s best curators of beautiful sneakers, refuses to stick with just one silhouette. Whether he’s elevating in a pair of 999s or exploring the city in the 580s, there’s always one common denominator: effortless style.

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During the 90s while you were obsessing over which swishy track jacket to wear with your new Guess jeans, New Balance was busy releasing one of the hottest retro runners of all time.  Since we know trends come in cycles, it’s no surprise that the brand decided to re-issue the 580 model. If you’re a guy (or gal) who isn’t afraid of patterns, texture, and bold pops of color these shoes are for you.

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When it comes to the 999 model, the shoe speaks for itself. It’s bright. It’s built like a winner, and you’ll feel like a winner when you’re wearing them. While it bears a close resemblance to the 580, its the small details that allow this shoe to take on its own identity. Colorful suede is featured heavily, so you get a premium look and feel without sacrificing the youthful aesthetic that makes New Balance sneakers so appealing.

Choosing just one can be tough, so make it easy on yourself and check out our full collection of New Balance kicks at Finishline.com. You won’t be disappointed.