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Sweatshirt Inspired Style – New Balance 574 “Sweatshirt Pack”

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New Balance has more silhouettes than we can count, but are we wrong when we say that the 574 is their frontrunner? Answer: probably not.  They introduced this iconic style in 1988 (the same year Michael Cera was born, fyi), and since then…it hasn’t changed. The old phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” certainly applies. The good news is that the classic shoe is now offered in more than 80 different colorways.

The brand is refreshing their widely-adorned 574 in the form of the “Sweatshirt Pack.” With a little inspiration from sweatshirts (hence the name), this pack takes casual style to the next level. Accents of fleece and heather set these shoes apart from their predecessors.  What’s great is that they took the time to create versions for both men and women, so the whole crew can cop a pair.
For all leisurewear enthusiasts, this 574 is for you.  Fellas, you can throw these on with almost anything and feel confident that your style is on point.  Ladies, don’t be afraid to have some fun when putting together an outfit.  The shoes lend themselves to laid-back and casual style, but you can certainly take your look to a new level by choosing the perfect colorway and pairing it with bold street style pieces. Joggers, jeans, dresses, nothing is off limits when it comes to these 574s.
Comfort and style define the Sweatshirt Pack. If you love those two things, head on over to Finish Line to grab a pair for yourself. Men’s styles are available now, and women’s are on the way.